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Yes! Fructose is a reducing carbohydrate.

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Q: Will fructose give a positive benedict's test?
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Will hydrolysed dextrine give positive response to Benedict test?

Yes, it should. Benedicts test will be positive for reducing sugars, and since glucose is such a sugar, and would be a product of dextrin hydrolysis, you should get a positive result with Benedicts reagent.

Do eggs test positive in benedicts test?


Why fructose gives positive tollen reagent test?

Only aldehydes give a positive Tollens test. However, under the strongly basic conditions of the test, alpha-hydroxy ketones can isomerize to aldehydes, so they will also give a positive Tollens test. Fructose is an alpha-hydroxy ketone.

Why sucrose does not give a positive Benedict's test but hydrolyzed sucrose does give a positive beneditcts test?

Sucrose is formed from glucose and fructose.Sucrose is formed from glucose and fructose. Glucose and fructose gives positive test for benedict becuz both of them are reducing sugars whereas sucrose is not a reducing sugar so it gives negative test for benedict. On prolonged heating,sucrose will form glucose and fructose (reducing sugars)which ultimately gives a positive result .

Which is more sensitive test fehlings test or Benedicts test?

benedicts test

Which of the following pairs give positive toollens test-hexanal,acetophenone and fructose,sucrose?

The simple sugars will not react with the test because they are not aldehydes.

Why does fructose give a positive Benedicts test?

Benedict's test detects the presense of the aldehyde group. Fructose is a ketose rather than an aldose, but it's converted to glucose or mannose (both of which are aldoses) by the base in Benedict's reagent. All monosaccharides give a positive Benedict's test because they're all either aldoses or alpha-hydroxy ketoses that get transformed into aldoses. Sucrose does not, because while it contains fructose and glucose, both of which do test postive, the saccharides in sucrose are "locked" into hemiacetal form and cannot undergo ring opening to expose an aldehyde group. (It's a very weak lock; dilute acid ... like, say, lemon juice ... will hydrolyse the saccharide linkage and allow the hemiacetal rings to open.)

Is fructose gives positive test with tollens reagent?

no negative

Why does sucrose not react to Benedicts when glucose and fructose its components do?

Fructose and glucose are joined by their glycosidic bond in such a way as to prevent the glucose isomerizing to aldehyde, or the fructose to alpha-hydroxy-ketone form. This stops it reacting to Benidict's reagent. However sucrose indirectly produces a positive result with Benedict's reagent if heated with dilute hydrochloric acid prior to the test, although after this treatment it is no longer sucrose. ;-)

What are the Benedicts test results for glucose?

the solution will turn a 'brick red' colour if positive but will stay blue if negative.

Would sucrose test positive or negative with benedicts reagent?

No, surcose is a disaccharide without a hemiacetal group

What test show hydrolysis of proteins?

benedicts test