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THC is the main ingredient in the drug Marijuana. Unfortunately, there is not an exercise to get THC out of your system. Drinking water will help, but not smoking Marijuana for at least a month should reduce the chance of the drug being in your system.

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Q: Will exercise remove THC from your system?
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Does stacker remove THC from your system?


Does get the red out eye drops take THC out of your system?

No. Only time will remove THC from your system.

Does sweating help clean your system of THC?

Yes it does, THC is in your fat, so if you sweat, it remove the THC

Can water clean your system of THC?

Water can help clean your system of THC, but it can definitely not do it all on its own. The best way to speed up the removal of THC is exercise. THC is a fat-soluble substance. It stores itself in your fat cells. Since fatty substances are not water-soluble, drinking water on its own does very little to remove it from your system, however, water will make you pee more and it will increase your capacity to sweat. So go exercise, and stay hydrated.

How long does it take to remove THC from your system?

for normal people-a month to guarantee its out, but with lots o exercise ive heard it leaves quicker...sumthin bout sweating....

Does exercise help clean THC out of your body?

Yes! THC is stored in your fat cells, so when you exercise, you burn fat, and it cleans the THC out of your bodily system. However, when I say exercise, I don't mean walking down the street, I mean working out until you're dripping with sweat...

Vodka help you clean THC out of your system?

No it won't. THC is fat soluble, only water and exercise will effectively clean it out of the human body.

What can you do to remove THC from system?

Does d.o.t. Drug testing fail you for naiacin use

How long does it take THC to get out of your system?

THC can get out of your system in anywhere from 2 days to 11 weeks depending on the user. The smoker's metabolism, body fat percentage, exercise routine, heritage, and amount of pot that is smoked all affect the rate at which THC leaves the system. a good rule of thumb would be 30 days with lots of water/liquids and exercise.

Does milk thistle remove THC from your system?

Absoloutly not. THC levels will stay for up to 72hrs or more depending on body mass.

Does golden seal root help remove THC from your system?

yes it does remove everything from your urine but drug tests will show that your flushed All that will remove THC or any drug component from your system is time. the sick part is drug testing only catches thc all other drugs are out of the system in a few hours. so only junkies can work for the police

Does niacin flush THC out of your system?

No, niacin will NOT help remove marijuana -- or any other drug -- from your system.

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