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This is a BS your research before you so abruptly answer someones question. Its called EDUCATION. Yes, THC levels CAN rise due to increased exercise. When fat is burned, THC byproducts are released into the bloodstream. Exercise is the only way to get THC OUT of Lipid Tissue, Due to exercise you are raising your metabolism and excreting THC from fat cells....soooo where else does the THC have to go? OUT in a URINE test. SO the answer to this question is YES IT CAN.

I have 50 days clean today, and I know good and well I haven't used and my levels jumped from 38 to 63 and I too have increased my exercise. I do have alot more free time now, I can jog at night to stay in shape, rather than smoking my weed on my couch like the olden days.

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Q: Can your THC levels rise if you haven't smoked?
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Havent smoked in two weeks and way 250 pounds will THC show up positive in swab test?


How would marijuana show up in someones system if they havent smoked in 40 days will other meds taken interfer?

If THC has shown up, they either smoked it or was around others who smoked it. Other drugs do not make the tests come back positive for marijuana.

Once you have smoked marijuana Does smoking salvia make THC levels rise?

My experience is that salvia and marijuana are complimentary. A little pot in a pipe with some salvia sprinkled over it and then smoked - even just one comfortable hit - can prolong the salvia effects while making the marijuana effects clearer.

Why do your THC levels stay high when you have not smoked?

Because the thc gets stored in the fat cells in your body. The more fat you have on your body, the longer it will take your body to completely process it out of your system

How do you get THC?

THC comes from marijuana or "cannabis". It can be eaten, smoked, vaporized to get in into the body.

Is there THC in my system and will I fail?

If you have smoked marijuana recently there is THC in your system. Whether you will fail a blood test depends on how much you smoked and how recently.

How do you know that you have smoked weed with THC in it?

all grass has thc in it stay green <3

Why would your THC levels go up if you havent smoked in over a month?

They Don't. Pure and simple. Tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) deposits in the Lipids (fatty tissue). Harder drugs like cocaine HCL and Diaceytylmorphine (Heroin) are water souluble so they are out in your system in 2-5 days. One explanation I can offer is: If you have THC build up and exercise a lot your body's level of THC will rise as the body is cleansing itself. It is not wise to exercise day's before your test as this is releasing copious amounts of THC into bloodstream. The couple of days of your test it is best to eat a high fat diet and abstain from exercise. This is opposite for the cleansing weeks before your test. Remember that the first passing of urine in the day is the most concentrated.... Hope this helps.

Why are your THC levels increasing when you have quit smoking?

rarely does your THC level rise if you have quit smoking but THC in the body is stored within fat cells so it may take a long while to get rid or lower the level of THC that is detected in your body and this level rarely but can go up if you are around the second hand smoke of other smokers Exception: Personal experience: My brother has several health issues, including being overweight. He stopped smoking 67 days ago. His THC levels have seriously fluctuated in these 67 days. Because of this fluctuation, he was incarcerated this morning. I know he has not smoked or been in the presence of smoke. He is a single parent and has custody of his son. He is overweight and because THC is stored in your fat cells, when he works outside and sweats alot-- his THC levels were higher. The pre-trial representative administered urine tests weekly. I believe because of the possibility of THC levels to fluctuate to this extreme; while waiting on the THC to completely leave your system, many people are being wrongly accused and incarcerated. I am taking drug test three times a week.I've 25 and had been smokeing since i was 16. I am 200lbs. I have not smoked in 35 days. My levels are going up and down too! DSS will take my child form me because my levels are not consistantly going down.

Does the amount of marijuana smoked effect the amount of THC you get?

Yes, the more you smoke, the more THC is absorbed into your body

How Could it be determined that you smoked weed if beer where hops is used is also producing THC?

Hops do not produce THC.

Will THC show up in your system if you had not smoked marijuana?

THC shows up in your system no matter how you ingest marijuana.