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Probably not.

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Q: Will eating less than 1000 calories a day make you gain weight?
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How can we gain weight?

You can gain weight by eating food with high Calories.

What will happen if your diet does not have sufficient calories over the space of a month?

Eating less than 1000 cal/day can and most likely will cause weight gain.

Does high altitude make you gain weight?

No. Continuously eating more calories than you use up is what makes you gain weight.

Can you gain weight by eating big healthy meals?

yes...because if you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight no matter what!

Can you gain weight eating twizzlers?

If you don't use the calories from the twizzlers then yes. In order to gain weight you have to receive more calories from food than you use during the day. Theoretically any food could make you gain weight.

Does eating a box of Wheat Thins a day make you gain weight?

Yes it does. A full box of wheat thins equals alot of calories which equals weight gain. Unless that is the only thing you are eating all day. Make the calories you eat equal the calories you burn everyday and you will remain the same weight. No particular food causes weight gain, it's just when you eat too much of it, it means you are probably eating more calories then you are burning that day!

Are rice cause make man fats?

Nope… If you are maintaining your calories by eating rice, you won’t gain weight else without taking rice if you consume more calories definitely you will gain weight. Weight gain depends up on our calorie intake and how many calories we are giving up.

Can trying to gain weight lead to anorexia?

I don't think do. Trying to gain weight means you are eating more calories. Anorexics are characterized by limiting their calorie intake, along with exercising to burn off more calories so that they DON'T gain weight.

Why Eating better but gaining weight?

while you are eating better you're still eating too much. the average person needs only 2000 calories to maintain their weight. if you're getting over that and not burning them off you'll gain weight. for every 3500 extra calories you gain one pound of fat.

How do you gain weight rapidly?

The fastes way to gain weight is by eating at night cuz your body doesnt burn those calories and they turn into pure fat.

Will a high carb diet cause you to gain weight?

Eating more calories than you burn up causes you to gain weight. If you can burn up a high carb diet, you won't gain weight.

How many calories do you gain per min on the computer?

You don't gain calories from sitting. You gain calories from eating.