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In most states cultivation of marijuana of any kind is a felony.

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Q: Will a misdeameanor conviction for marijuana cultivation disqualify a passport application?
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Can you still become a teacher with a disorderly conduct conviction?

Disorderly Conduct is a misdemeanor offense. You probably could be licensed, but you would have to check with the licensing agency for your state to determine if it would disqualify you from licensure and if not, then it would be up to your local school board as to what their hiring requirements were.

Can you buy a gun if you had a misdemeanor within 5 years in ga?

It depends on what the misdemeanor is for. Most misdemeanors do no disqualify you from purchasing a handgun.Added: If it was a Domestic Violence misdemeanor, you can never possess a firearmagain. (Research: Lautenberg Amendment)

If you are not convicted of a felony can you buy a gun?

Well, there's a lot of variables. The first being whether or not the case is dismissed or is still ongoing. If it's ongoing, you may not own, purchase, or possess a firearm. The next question would be whether or not you were convicted of anything at all. Some misdemeanor charges will invalidate you from owning or possessing firearms (e.g., domestic violence).

Does the navy accept felons?

While there are waivers in the military for just about anything, in general, no. The reason is that for virtually all except the most menial jobs in the Navy, you're required to have at least a Confidential or Secret clearance; for SEAL's and other front-line units, it's typically Top Secret and above. Having a felony conviction on your record would disqualify you from any job requiring a security clearance, and these days there just aren't that many.

How do you identify discrimination that undermines equality and diversity?

Two students want to attend the science fair. Both have straight A's in science. Both work hard. However, one is a new immigrant from Vietnam and speaks broken English. The other student was raised locally and is popular in the small town. Teachers construct a story as to why the Vietnamese student cannot attend the fair. However, the story is untrue; the teachers just tried to find a loophole to disqualify him so the other student could attend. That is a subtle form of discrimination. It relies on hoping the other person does not know or recognize the deception. Both students should go. Or a fair way should be used to decide who can go.

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Will having a DUI conviction disqualify you from getting a perc card in Illinois?


Can you join the National Guard if you have a DWI?

Yes, a DUI/DWI conviction isn't going to disqualify you.

What things in criminal history will disqualify a person from getting a class iii gaming license?

Just guessing, I'd say that any felony conviction would disqualify the person in question.

Did anyone get denied an Arizona contractors license based on felony conviction?

Noone has been denied a contractors license based purely on a felony conviction. A felony conviction does not automatically disqualify applicants. Yes you can be denied after applying. It all depends on how long ago you were convicted and also if the prior felony had anything to do with contracting work.

Can an ex felon marry an immigrant in Texas?

Yes, you are free to marry; a felony conviction does not disqualify you for marriage, and immigrants are similarly free to marry.

Can you get a class a cdl with a DUI?

You could even get a Class A CDL, if you wished. A previous DUI conviction won't disqualify you, so long as the suspension period following your DUI conviction is past, and you've gotten your driving privileges reinstated.

Can you get a class b cdl with a DUI?

You could even get a Class A CDL, if you wished. A previous DUI conviction won't disqualify you, so long as the suspension period following your DUI conviction is past, and you've gotten your driving privileges reinstated.

Can you have a criminal conviction and qualify for section 8 housing?

A criminal conviction does not necessarily disqualify you from a voucher, except two types for federal regulations: any violent or drug offenses within the past five years; any offense for which one must register as a sex offender in his state; and the manufacturing of methamphetamine in a public housing unit or assisted under the program. However, every Housing Authority has its own rules on what criminal convictions can disqualify you from the program, including the types of offenses and the age of the conviction.

Can you buy a gun in KY with a misdemeanor?

This is a matter of federal law, not state law. Most misdemeanors won't disqualify you from owning a firearm, but some will. For example, any domestic violence conviction, even if only a misdemeanor, will disqualify you. We'd need to know specifically what the misdemeanor was in order to give an absolute answer.

Will a SNAP application be denied because of assets?

You will get approved as long as you have the ability to work again, if you become disabled they will disqualify you and you will be denied SNAP.

Will a spent gbh conviction effect my chances of working with young disabled adults?

I would expect that it would. As with so many things now while it may not disqualify you directly, why hire someone with a conviction when there are so many applicants without a conviction. Add to that the fact that this could be seen as a morals issue and your chances become less and less.

Will Bad Credit Score Disqualify My Loan Application?

Your credit score is an essential part of a successful application. SBA expert will assess your credit history with you to assess any mitigating situations related to derogatory reports.