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No it will not

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Q: Will a choke for browning fit a Remington express?
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Will a choke for a Mossberg 500 fit in a Remington 870 express?

no it wont ive been looking at mossberg choke tubes for a few months for my 20gauge the only choke tubes that work on mossberg 500s are Winchester ,wetherby,browning invector and savage hope yours is a 12 because 20s are about non existent

Will Remington choke tubes fit a baikal mp153?

Yes, some of the remington tubes will but not all. I have a remington modified choke in my mp 153 right now.

Will a browning choke fit a bakiA l shotgun?


What choke tubes will fit a Spartan SP 310 OU by Remington?

The shotgun in question uses a standard Tru-Choke.

Will a Remington 1187 barrel fit on a auto5?

NO! The 1187 barrel was for remington shotguns,the auto-5 shotgun is a browning shotgun.

What brand of choke tubes will fit a 12 gauge Smith and Wesson Model 1000?

Browning Invector.

Will rem chokes fit in Charles daly shot guns?

yes i have a Remington 870 choke in my Charles daly

Will Baikal choke tubes fit a Spartan?

I am a gun dealer in Asheboro, NC (Franks gun and pawn). Yes, the Baikal choke tubes will fit. This gun is made by Baikal for Remington. It used to be imported under the EAA name. You can also get tubes at Colonial choke tubes.

What choke tubes will fit a Spartan SP-310 OU by Remington?

The Spartan is manufactured for Remington in russia. I believe the company that makes them is Baikal. You'll probably have to order the choke tubes. Standard Rem-chokes won't work. Cabela's sells the choke tubes for the Remington Spartan Side-by-Side, also made by Baikal in Russia.

Charles Daly Luxe 12ga made in Italy you have been trying to find out what brand of choke tubes fit this gun?

Remington chokes fit Charles daly

Will the browning a-5 butt stock fit the Remington model 11?

The only way to know for sure is to try. It should, but, may require fitting.

Where can you buy a Remington Spartan 310 choke wrench I bought some trulock chokes to put in but the wrench doesn't fit the spartan chokes in the gun?

I just use a quarter.