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Yes - the iPod charger is 5.1v, and the Walkman is 5v. Use the Sony USB cable & it will charger just fine (Sony NWZ-Z1040 charged with Ipod/Ipad/Iphone USB charger confirmed).

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Q: Will a Sony Walkman charge with a iPod wall charger?
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What do you do if my sony walkman wontcome back on?

buy an ipod.

Can you charge ipod with any mp3 charger?

No, you cannot charge an iPod with just any mp3 charger. You must have a charger made specifically for the iPod. Even if an mp3 charger happens to fit into an iPod, do not attempt to charge it as it may short circuit the internal workings of the iPod and kill your iPod forever.

Is the Sony walkman mp3 player better than an Ipod?

Both the sony walkman mp3 player and iPods have their advantages. The walkman is a little cheaper, and has longer battery life. The iPods are neater, have more memory, have flash memory, and have many extra uses. Overall, I would say the iPod is better.

Can an iPod car charger charge an iPod touch?

Yes it should only if the charger is for the Ipod touch.

Can you charge an iPod nano with an iPod touch charger?


Where can I find a good quality Walkman Sony Ericcson?

Walmart has the sony ericcson walkman now. I just saw it there last week, however, its about the price of the ipod touch, so I would probably just get that.

What Is The Charger Cord For The Ipod?

to charge

Can you charge an iPod touch with an iPod Nano charger?


Other than a charger what can charge your iPod?

If you plug your iPod into a computer or wall adapter, you can charge your iPod Touch.

Is it possible to use the mains charger from an original iPod to charge an iPod Nano?

All ipods have the same type charger so any ipod charger will work with any ipod

Is the Sony walkman an old video game system?

No, the sony walkman is not an old video game system. It is actually a radio that comes with headphones. It was invented long before the ipod. Many people used them while jogging or working out.

Can you use another charger to charge ipod?

YES! you can only use an IPAD charger or other Ipod DEVICE!