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Yes, Ajax will clean your system! I have been on probation for 7 years and i smoke weed all day everyday and I use Ajax to clean my system! I only had 1 dirty test in 7 years, and that was before I found out about Ajax. Don't use too much, you will die!! Only use a teaspoon of it.

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Q: Will Ajax cleanse your system from marijuana?
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How long will it take niacin 250 to cleanse marijuana out of your system?

niacin will not clear out your system, only time will

What can you do to cleanse your system after smoking marijuana?

I heard that if you drink 8 Monster Energy drinks that it cleans your system. You can also drink a lot of water to flush your system out. But if you are so worried about getting caught with THC in your system maybe you should look into different activities to save yourself the trouble.

Does alcohol help cleanse marijuana?

No it absolutely does not. No liquids can flush your system because the THC is stored in your fat cells.

How long does it take to clean your system out with vinegar and water?

vinegar does not cleanse your system of marijuana

What to use to cleanse out marijuana?

Are you on drugs?, I am about to call the cops.

Does Vinegar cleanse marijuana off your system?

Vinegar is not an effective method for cleansing marijuana from your system. The most reliable way to do so is through time, as THC metabolites are eliminated naturally through urine and feces. Drinking lots of water, exercising, and eating a healthy diet can also help speed up the process.

How can you cleanse your body to rid THC?

The way to cleanse a body to rid THC is to drink lots of water. Stop smoking the marijuana. One can also take pills that will flush the system clean or mask the drug.

How do you cleanse from smoking marijuana once?

drink a lot of water

Does Metamucil clean out your system?

The fiber will help cleanse your colon, yes. But if you are asking if Metamucil will "clean out your system" for a drug test, then the answer is no. If this is a question about marijuana use, see the Related Question below.

Can I cleanse my body and unborn from marijuana?

Drink lots and lots of liquids!!!

Will four cups of cranberry juice cleanse marijuana?

No. marijuana can take months to leave your system. a drug test weeks after smoking it can still come up positive. The cranberry juice is a myth.

How much cream of tartar should I take to clean marijuana out of system?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest that cream of tartar can help to cleanse marijuana from your system. The best way to clean marijuana out of your system is to abstain from using it and give your body time to naturally detoxify. Staying hydrated and exercising regularly may also help.