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This is a person with a problem and is it a psychological one. This boy needs to be ignored and never responded to. To get help with this read chapter 8 of a book called the Gift of Fear by Gavin De Becker. Follow his directions for your budding stalker.

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Q: Why would a guy sometimes try to get your attention and stare and prolong your gaze if you look back for over a year?
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Why would a guy who sit next to you always stare at you from afar but sometimes avoids you?

It is probably because he is shy but is confused on how he feels about you. He just needs time and space to think about it or you can get to know him if you want.

Is stared a noun?

Yes, the word 'stare' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'stare' is a word for an act of looking directly at someone or something for a long time.Examples:The passengers gave the unruly boy a scolding stare. (noun)Many people stopped to stare at the new window display. (verb)

Do girls like it when guys stare at their butt?

Many girls feels like a piece of meat when guys do that and also when they stare at our breasts. It's very rude and not flattering to be reduced to a butt or a chest when you can actually come up and talk to someone you are interested in. Of course if all you really are interested in is my butt breasts I can not take that as a complimant because apparently my butt and breasts is the only interesting thing about me. I can not think of one guy that would find it flattering and who would not become embarrassed if I and other girls and women would stand and stare at your butt and package. You know how guys are, nudge nudge wink wink, point and stare, whisper and forming big breasts with your hands just to really show the guys how big they are. Yeah we could do the same! Not so flattering if you think about it.

Why would a scientist need to be observant?

flip this website sometimes

What is Hades relationship with his brother Zeus?

they would fight sometimes. It was a mutual realstionship.

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Why would a guy stare and prolong gaze with a girl on stage right before they start to play in more than one concert?

isn't it obvious that he is already falling for her ? definitely yes. that is what it is LOVE IN ACTION.!

Why would a guy not give up and still stare and prolong it and try to get your attention when he has shown many signs of liking for over a year?

Since it has been a year I suggest that this person has a problem. Ignore him and do not respond to him in anyway. A book called the Gift of Fear by De Becker may help you with this. Read chapter 8 and follow what he writes. I had someone like this and used this book. It works.

Will a guy who's a virgin be afraid to make a fool of himself and therefore only stare at her and prolong it and show her he likes her but not ask her to chill and stuffs?

Depends on the type of guy his is, but I would say that's the typical guy if he is nervous/shy.

Why would a guy stare at you and try to get your attention a few times in class?

Basically sort of shows he's interested in you, and kind of wants to talk you at the very least.

Why would a guy look or stare at you at least once everyday for half a year and still do it and sometimes stare as he walks past you without saying anything when you stared at him once long time ago?

he thinks your cute.

Why would a guy look for a girl and stare at her and prolong it on stage before they play in every concert in which she's sitting at different places all the time?

well some guy doing their ways really, the guy want girl date out.

Why can't you wear pajamas outside?

its not that you cant, its just that it would draw attention to you and people would stare. i'd say be bold and wear your pj's outside...get parents permission first if you are that young.

Why would an Ex still stare at the other when their not paying attention?

sounds like they still have feelings for them or it could be that they want the ex to notice them and who their with to cause a reaction be it negative or positive

Why would a guy look or stare at you no matter what you're doing a few times everyday and prolong it when you look back when he knows you stared at him long time ago?

He likes you, but is too nervous to ask you out. Make the first move if you want to, because he proabably will not.

How did a Chinese artist (during the golden age)go about painting a landscape picture?

They would stare at the landscape for a long time, meditating on it..then they would begin to paint 1. He would sit and stare at the landscape he would paint for hours, and then quickly return to his hut and paint it, FAST. Sometimes within minutes the painting would be done.

Would a girl stare and smile at a guy she doesn't fancy?

Sometimes. It's possible that she does like the guy, but don't be too fast to misread clues, either.

When you stare at a guy would they stare back if they like you?

They might be wondering if your looking at them or the person behind them