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Perhaps she is afraid her parents will be mad or that the person she is lying to will be upset about her being pregnant.

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2008-02-13 08:17:55
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Q: Why would a girl lie about being pregnant?
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Why did you lie about being pregnant?

Because they're not yours.

Why would a girl lie that she did call when actually she did not?

a girl would lie because she is not bieg honest with you and that kind of a gurl, u dont want to be around!!! a girl would lie because she is not bieg honest with you and that kind of a gurl, u dont want to be around!!!

Do girls lie about being pregnant?

ya dey lie bout being pregnant but once dey hit bout 3 or 4 mths. dey start showing so dey can't really hide it for long

Why did the man you were having an affair with lie to you about his wife being pregnant?

Because he doesn't want to be with you.

Can a girl still get pregnant by a guy whose got fixed?

Not if he really was fixed, but some guys lie about that.

Would your ex girlfriend lie about being pregnant and why?

omg yes. why wouldnt she? if she is pregnant then she probably wont want you to know since she is your ex. she might just want to have an abortion without you knowing about it, or she is afraid of the repercussions that would come from telling you.

Why do hamsters lie on their sides motionless?

Usually they do not do that. But maybe if it is a girl it could be pregnant! . I have 71 hamsters and I know all about them

Why do women lie about being pregnant and tell everyone they are when they are not?

i think to get attenshion. or to keep there boyfriend/husband around.

Would a girl lie about cheating on girls boyfriend to get to be with him?

yes probably

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Miley is pregnant it true are lie?

miley is not pregnant it is all a lie dont belive people that spreec roumers around

Why would a guy lie about being friends with a girl?

he might be embarassed or seen as weak, therefore afraid. ANSWER: It could be that his hiding something. We will never know why some man do it.

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