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Because that's a sign of friendship!

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Q: Why would a girl give another girl a heart necklace?
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What do you give a girl who does not like flowers?

Well you could give her a necklace mabe with a heart on it ..

What does it mean when a girl wears the necklace of his boyfriend?

It either means that the girl simply likes the necklace, or the girl likes the guy who is wearing the necklace, causing the girl to want to wear the necklace.

How To Fix A Broken Heart?

If your a guy u can get over a broken heart with another girl and if your a girl u can get over a broken heart with another guy

What is the love necklace?

Back in the 1900's, a heart shaped necklace was found by a young girl in the bottom of an old trunk. She admired the necklace and thought it was beautiful, so she put it on. She gently touched the heart necklace and that's when things got strange. She fell in love with completely random and out of the ordinary objects. To this day, the so called "love necklace" still appears and the curse will live on until someone destroys the love necklace. If you ever find this necklace, DON'T put it on, no matter what.

What is a good thing to get your girlfriend?

it depends on the girl but every girl oves necklace or a bracelet ... my boyfriend gave me a red glass heart and that i think is the awesomest gift hes ever given me A charm on a C clasp can be added to any necklace or bracelet she already owns, and can be easily moved from one piece to another.

What is that movie called when this girl ties her foot on the boat with a rope then she falls and loses a necklace that her grandma gets in a heart attack?


What does it mean when a girl wears a necklace with a pad lock on it and she gives you the key?

Ok this means she has strong feelings for you and that little pad lock means her heart and you hold the key to her heart..... She loves you and trusts you not to real her heart

When would a girl not get jealous if her boyfriend starts going out with another?

When he is your EX-boyfriend and you are over the relationship. Let your heart be your guide.

How do you get revenge on boy who uses a girl and hurts her heart?

Well, u can try getting another girl to pretend to like him then get the girl to break HIS heart..idk.

What to say when your girlfriend finds out about u kisssing another girl?

Well DON'T KISS ANOTHER GIRL! Dont break her heart. Se will probaly call u a jerk and hit u. That's what i would do.

What does Katy Perry's necklace say in the I Kissed A Girl video?

Its just her name ''Katy'' on her golden necklace in I kissed a girl.

What does it mean if a girl randomly gives another girl a heart necklace?

if they are friends nothing if not and she doesn't even know her she didn't want the neclase or she is not strait and thinks she is hot. or someone asked her to give it to her. almost imposable to say wich one or it could be something else. PS haw do you ask a question?