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It depends on what kind of "mean" you are talking about. If you mean just like, annoying, then maybe he just likes the attention. But, if he's like, MEAN MEAN, then maybe he's just a mean person.

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2011-05-04 02:58:35
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Q: Why would a boy be mean to a girl for no reason?
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What does it mean when a boy hits you with a football twice for no reason?

if you are a girl that means that he hates you or he wants to get with you

A boy teases a girl for no reason says naughty words to her in a rude manor but not when he is alone why would he do that to the girl on msn with this other boy?

he likes her i have a boy at my school like that to

What does it mean when a boy cries over a girl?

When a boy cries over a girl , it means he have been hurt. The reason may be anything . But when a boy cries over a girl , it means that the girl is very important to him .

What does it mean when a boy wants to be with a girl he likes?

That the boy would like to be the girl's boyfriend. (note depending on the tone used it could also mean sex)

Which one is smarter girl or boy?

The girl for some reason

What does it mean when a boy does mean things to a girl?

it mostly means the boy likes the girl.

Should a girl call a boy?

There is no reason why not.

What would it mean if you are a girl but your dream your a boy?

it means to have a very open imagination

What does it mean to shift a boy or a girl?

To shift a boy or a girl means to move onto another boy or girl.

Is heroine a boy or a girl?

Girl. A boy would be a "hero".

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The girl just probably likes the boy herself, whatever reason. :}

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