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maybe he is nervous and can't make the first move! you try and make the first move i am sure you'll both feel releived after the first step and now it will be easier to move on...

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There could be various reasons why your boyfriend may not want to hold your hand. It's important to communicate openly and directly with him to understand his perspective. Some possible reasons could be discomfort with public display of affection, personal boundaries, or lack of interest in physical touch.

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To paraphrase The Beatles: Cause when he touches you he feels happy inside.

it also shows everyone else around that he is the only one there lucky enough to be going out with you

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Q: Why wont your boyfriend hold your hand?
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What does it mean if my boyfriend wont hold my hand or stand next to me?

it mean if my boyfriend doesnt hold the hand actually it means only bestfriends

Your boyfriend wont hug or kiss you but he will hold your hand what does this mean?

hes a virgin

What should you do when your boyfriend wont hold your hand or even kiss your hand or cheek?

It's just not worth it.Or ask him do you love me if you do kiss me.

What can you do to get your boyfriend to hold your hand?

you just ask them

How do you know when your boyfriend wont to hold hands?

You will probably notice that he does not do so.

how to hold my boyfriend hand?

If they won't hold hands, they're not really your boyfriend.

What to do with your first boyfriend?

You should take things slow. Hold his hand.

How do you hold your boyfriends hand when your in 6Th grade?

well its easy! i understand that you are probably nervous, but if he brushes into you or maybe like shows a sign then just hold out your hand. in the the hallways at school when you are walking with him, he will already have held your hand and knows where to go from there! once you take the lead, he wont be scared to follow right on ahead!

Should I hold my gay boyfriend's hand?

Yes, it's sweet. Since he's gay though, you might want to be just friends, since most likely he wont return the affection the way you do.

Where should you hold hands with your boyfriend?

First, ask him if it's alright and its fine to hold his hand anytime.

Why do you have to hold your parents hand?

You have to hold your parents hand so you wont get lost , or get ran over by a car crossing the street , or get kidnapped by some kidnapper!

Do you get your boyfriend to hold your hand?

no it has to be a mutual thing. He has to want to hold your hand. You cannot force someone to do something that they do not want to do or something that they do not feel comfortable doing.