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Most likely the charger is losing working power and needs to be replaced.

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Q: Why wont my laptop charger work after moving it to anouther room i was moving the charger to anouther room but now i wont work in eather rooms now?
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Disadvantages of a laptop?

Personally, I have found they do not last as long as a desktop computer. Many individuals I know say they're laptop lasted approximately two years. I have found the same with my own which lasted about two and a half years. In addition, the fact that you can transport them easily makes them more susceptible to damage with the constant moving and carry. It can be easily stolen It can be easily hacked in to

How are computers and laptops the same?

"no they are not a computer can not be moved from one spot but a laptop can" (Referring to the answer above my answer) That's incorrect. A computer refers to a programmable machine, which is "designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations." (Quote from Wikipedia). A laptop does just that, so therefore it is a computer. What you are thinking of is a desktop computer, which, hence the name, remains on a desk/remains stationary. Technically you can move a desktop computer from one spot to another, it's just a little more difficult than moving a laptop. Desktop computers and laptops are two different "types" of computer.

What are the uses of a laptop?

The uses of a laptop are 1. For people that are working on the move with the wireless Internet 2. In some country's for example Chinese people don't have very big houses. they can not afford to have a large desktop in their home so choose to have a laptop or notebook because they don't take up much room. 3. Also to create ease of access for people that don't stay at home a lot and keep moving. they can still keep doing their work and other things on them. and one more thing. people with businesses move around a lot and sometimes it is just too hard for someone to be carrying a desktop around all the time. The uses of a laptop are exactly the same as a desktop the only real differences are portability and space required.

What is the difference in static frame and moving frame?

The difference in static frame and moving frame is the position of the camera. In static frame the camera stays in one place. With a moving frame the camera is moving and panning the scene.

Differences between Permanent magnet moving coil and moving iron?

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Can you leave your laptop charger on when fully charged?

Yes you can leave your laptop charger on once the battery is fully charged. however, modern Li-Ion batteries should never be run ar full capacity continuously. We recommend either removing the battery if you plan on using your laptop for a long period of time on the mains, or let the battery run down once a week and then recharge it again to keep the molecules moving within the battery. See our simple guide here on how to care for your laptop battery

How long can I use my laptop charger if it is half damaged but working fine?

Usually laptop chargers aren't as expensive, but the way you state it, there might be internal damage to the wire. This may cause problems to be created to the computer and can pose a serious threat to your life. My advice, get a new charger, it's worth it more than a risk.

What are the benefits of a protection sleeve for a Laptop?

The benefits of a protection sleeve for a laptop is that moving the laptop is much easier than before. The laptop also has a layer of protection when it falls on the ground.

How do record a room using a webcam?

by moving the laptop or computer by an angle.

What is the advantage of using a solid state drive in a laptop?

No moving parts to break if the laptop is mistreated, and solid state drives are faster.

How do you determine what is better between a desktop and Laptop?

It depends on what you are going to use it for. If you will be moving it around or taking it on trips, go for the laptop. Otherwise, the desktop is fine.

When moving the laptop screen up and down more and more lines on screen?

no it dos not

What is the use of a charger under a dinner plate?

It can be used for several reasons. Sometimes the plate is served very hot, and you can move the charger rather than burning yourself moving the plate. If the plate is very hot, there is a danger of it scorching the tablecloth. The charger prevents that, also.

How can I explain the difference between a desktop and laptop?

There are many differences between having a laptop and desktop. Laptop computers really a great where you are moving around the house desktop computers won't allow you to move around.

How can you see moving pictures on Google?

if you poo your pants 15 times and and type in moving picture you should find it there (and if that does not work then smash the computer or laptop and try it then)

Will a car battery recharge if the car is on but not moving?

yes the engine runs the charger/alternator as long as the engine is running the battery should be chargeing

Can you charge apple products with your laptop?

I believe all the "i" products, iPhone, iPad, etc, can be charged via the USB port on your computer.Be aware tho that not all the ports on some computers are 'Powered', most are just bus powered so you may need an external charger. Simply moving the cord to another slot usually fixes the problem.

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