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So that they look prettier.

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Q: Why woman get fattened up before getting married?
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Probability of getting married and having children?

A man has an 81 percent chance to get married if they live the United States before the age of 40. A woman has an 86 percent chance of getting married.

Is it ethically acceptable to have intercourse with a married man or woman?

Only if you are the one married to them! It is not, even if that man or woman is getting a divorce, while they are still married, it would be alright for you, but for that man or woman, their spouse will see that, before they've even split apart, they're having an affair.

What is illegal for a woman but not a man?

Depending on the country and state, getting married to a woman.

What is a Female cohabiter who is not married?

A woman who lives with a man as if they were married but without actually getting married.

Is the rev gay?

No! He's getting married to a woman.

What do you call a woman getting married?

a joke why do woman get married in white? To match the kitchen sink what discrimination does this come under

What a married woman most priced possession before she was married?

her virginity

How long should you wait before getting married in long term relationship?

9 months!incase u got the woman pregnant.

According to Dr Joyce Brothers what will the average woman do to 79 different men before marrying?

Dr. Joyce Brothers claimed that the average woman will kiss 79 different men before getting married.

Did Obama have a son by a woman before he married Michelle?


What is a woman who is getting married?

Engaged or a Fiance --- You could call her a Bride-to-Be as well.

Should you blame yourself if you slept with a married woman and now she is getting separated or divorced?

There were probably problems in her marriage long before you came along, but the point is, you didn't help matters and dating someone that is still married isn't right. I think you know that deep down. If you are still seeing this married woman then ask her. Marcy