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probably because he has an embarrassing crush

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Q: Why will a guy friends tease him about a particular girl?
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Why do your friends tease you when you have a crush on a guy?

Jealousy mostly or just to wind you up.

Why does a girl kiss a girl and not a guy when all are together?

tease maybe or she just likes girls

What does a guy mean when he says he likes when a girl teases him?

He wants you to tease him (if u r a girl)

What would a guy do if he likes a girl and how would a girl know if he likes her?

he might be nice and polite or tease you.

What is a sexy thing a girl can do for a guy?

Have sex Perform a strip tease with sexy lingerie.

What does it mean when a guy's friends tease him about you?

It means the guy's friend has a thing for you, he likes you but knows he can't have you, so he teases his friend about you.

What does it mean if a girl's guy friend ditches his guy friends to hangout with her during breaks?

It means the guy is attracted to the girl. He ditches the guy friends to meet her.

What's the difference between a guy being funny and teasing you to be friends or more than friends?

When he only wants to be friends, he will tease you until you become better friends. Once good friends, he will trust you will information, maybe about a girl he likes or his beliefs. If he wants to be more than friends, he will keep teasing you and trying to be with you. Soon enough, if you seem to be the only girl he demonstrates this behavior with, something could come out of this relationship.

How can you know that the guy likes you?

If a guy likes you sometimes they will tease you. Like if you're hagging out with your friends they'll come up to you and mess around with you!Just to get your attention.

A guy can be friends with a female?

Yes, guys can be friends with a girl.

What is it when a boyis nice to you alone but mean around people?

It's because if you're a guy and you're friends think you like a girl, they're gonna tease you about it and bug him all the time. So he has to be aloof and mean around his friends but hes nice around you, because he likes you :)

How do you tell if the girl likes you?

she will talk with you but also seem kindof starstruck your talking with her too she will tease you back she will do anything to get your attention she will get nervous around you her friends will say and give stupid stuff to you and they'll say its from the girl or she will tell you i know i am a girl and i do all these thing and even told the guy so this is true