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At one point in time the cotton industry was really big and so white Americans all wanted a part of it. To produce cotton you needed to own a plantation and have workers to pick the cotton. Most of the plantation owners did not want to pay their workers and since it wasn't illegal they thought it easier just to "buy" slaves to do the work for them.

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Q: Why were slaves sent to the Americans?
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Why were millions of Africa sent as a slave to the Americans?

because there was money to be made by capturing slaves, shipping them and then selling them on.

How were the slaves treated once they got to the Americans?

badly, they were put into slavery. the americans treated them like dirt..they got sent directly to plantations to become a slave. they were whipped, punched, slapped etc. slaves had no respect. it was not fair.

What states to return fugitive slaves to their owners?

Southern states sent men into the northern states to bring back ANY African Americans.

The majority of African slaves were sent to?

The majority of African slaves were sent to the Americas, particularly to regions in the Caribbean, Brazil, and the Southern United States, to work on plantations producing labor-intensive crops like sugar, tobacco, and cotton.

Where did slaves that were sent to North America mainly come from?

Most slaves who were sent to North America came from Africa.

Who carried out the use of native Americans as slaves the most?

Europeans carried out the use of native Americans as slaves the most

How did Athenians envision the role of slaves and women?

the women cooked and cleaned clothes and slaves were sent to training camps then sent to war

Where were Native Americans held as slaves in the early 1800's?

Native Americans were not slaves. They were killed or removed from native lands to reservations, but never slaves. The only slaves were the Africans that were bought and sold.

Who took advantage of the homestead act?

white Americans, freed slaves and immigrants

Were all African-Americans slaves?

Not all African Americans were slaves. Many were free African Americans while others were so light in their skin color so they could pass as a white. Some free African Americans owned slaves themselves.

Who were the first Europeans to bring in slaves?

The Spanish had slaves in North America in the 1500's. Columbus made 1500 Native Americans slaves and the other explorers also made Native Americans slaves.

How did Christopher Columbus believe about the people of America?

He never knew North America existed, but he did get to the Bahamas. When he found the Native Americans there he saw them as heathen and would make good slaves. On his second voyage he took 1200 as slaves and sent 500 to Spain.