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Because the children were abducted and forced to serve the reigning party. Neither the children or mothers have any say or choice.

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Q: Why were slave children separated from their mothers?
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no she was not she was the first of her mothers children not to be 1

Were slave families kept together?

In most cases, slave families were not kept together. Many times the husbands were separated from the wife and children.

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When a female slave gave birth to a child, it was also considered the property of her master. The slave children were separated from their mothers minutes after birth and taken to live with a "grandmother," usually an old, female slave who couldn't work in the fields or in the plantation house anymore. Slave children usually didn't start actual slave labor until they were 10 or older, but their years between birth and then weren't pleasant because they were given little food and even less clothing because the master didn't want to waste money on a slave that wasn't producing labor yet.

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The children were gassed with their mothers.

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How did slave owners treat married slave couples?

they separated them

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Children and grandchildren of African slaves brought to colonial America were what?

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