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The reason African Americans were initially captured and bought to labour in America was the Americans had seen many other colonisers partake in the activity and subsequently saw a chance to increase their wealth. The Americans had previously attempted to enslave Native America but this ended because the Native Americans died in great numbers from the diseases bought over by coloniser's. The slave trade then expanded rapidly due to the boost supplied to the economy. slaves were a cheap way to gain labourers to work on farms in the south and in households in the north.

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Q: Why were enslaved Africans brought to the new world?
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The first Africans in the New World were?

As early as 1550 the Spanish brought slaves to Mexico . It is estimated that 12 million people were enslaved and were part of the early economics of the New Worlds.

What does enslaved Africans mean?

Enslaved Africans refers to individuals from Africa who were captured, forced into slavery, and transported to work under brutal conditions in the Americas. This practice was prevalent during the transatlantic slave trade, where millions of Africans were forcibly brought to the New World to provide labor in industries such as agriculture and mining.

Why were africans brought as enslaved people to the new wold?

They were enslaved because they were black or because debts. And also they understood how to farm, resistant to diseases, easy to buy!

What ocean was used to carry enslaved Africans from Africa to the new world?

The Atlantic Ocean.

The term middle passage refers to the movement of enslaved Africans?

From africa to the new world

How did Spanish get along with enslaved Africans?

Spanish colonizers enslaved Africans and brought them to the New World to work in plantations and mines. This led to a significant interaction between Spanish settlers and enslaved Africans, resulting in a complex and often oppressive relationship characterized by exploitation and forced labor. Cultural exchanges, resistance, and revolts also played a role in shaping their interaction.

Enslaved africans were brought to south carolina to cultivate a new type of this crop?

Enslaved Africans were taken from the "Rice Coast" of Gambia and Sierra Leone. Rice was little known in the Americas at this time, and was a lucrative business in the Lowland areas.

How did enslaved Africans cope in their new world?

Enslaved Africans coped through doing their best to retain as much of their roots as possible. This was done partly through song, dance, and story-telling.

How did enslaved africans contribute to new Spain?


Why was it possible to find both free and enslaved Africans aboard Spanish expedition ships going to the new world?

Africans lived in Spain for over 700 years before Columbus's voyage to the New World

During which century were Africans first forcibly brought to the western hemisphere and the New World?


What was the main reason the Portuguese and Spanish enslaved Africans in New World colonies?

The main reason the Portuguese and Spanish enslaved Africans in New World colonies was to meet the demand for labor in industries like mining and agriculture. Africans were seen as a ready source of labor due to their physical capability, and the transatlantic slave trade provided a constant supply of enslaved people to support the economic development of the colonies.