Why were blacks enslaved?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The blacks were inslaved because they were not common in ancient Egypt

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Q: Why were blacks enslaved?
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What Did They Do If They Were enslaved for slavery?

Some Of the enslaved Blacks worked in houses ,fields,and woods .

Where white people ever enslaved by blacks?


What did the southern states do after nat turner rebellion?

they passed laws to control both enslaved and free blacks

How did enslaved blacks respond to the condition slavery?

Enslaved blacks responded to slavery in various ways, including resistance through forms like rebellion, escape, and sabotage. They also maintained their cultural traditions and created new forms of expression as a way to preserve their identity and resist the dehumanization of slavery. Some enslaved individuals also sought to gain freedom through legal means, such as by purchasing their own freedom or seeking assistance from abolitionists.

Was it right it use blacks in the civil war?

Some were conscripted [drafted ] and probably did not want to fight, some free Blacks from the North enlisted, and wanted to fight to free enslaved Blacks.

What is the differences between a free black to a enslaved blacks?

A free black person was not legally owned or controlled by another individual, while an enslaved black person was considered property and forced to work without pay under the ownership of someone else. Free blacks had more autonomy and rights than enslaved blacks, though both still faced discrimination and limited opportunities in society.

Who was used for labor on the plantations in America?

Blacks were enslaved and forced to work on the plantations for little or no money.

What did the southerns do after Nat turners rebellion?

they passed laws to control both enslaved and free blacks

Who are enslaved people?

Who is nobody but an enslaved African is a slave who usually works for no pay. The slaves sometimes worked for hour on end without breaks, some were even abused and they would always get beaten.

How many free blacks fought in the American revolution?

more than 5,000 Paul Heinegg & Ira Berlin place the count nearly 9,000 free, indentured and enslaved blacks who fought on the American side and 10's of thousands of indentured and enslaved white and blacks who ran away from their masters to gain freedom under the British.

What motivations or influences did Walt Whitman have on poetry?

He thought slavery was discriminating and wrong towards the blacks free and enslaved

Why did blacks like being slaves?

Blacks did not like being slaves; slavery was a brutal and dehumanizing system that deprived individuals of their basic rights and freedoms. Enslaved people endured unspeakable suffering, exploitation, and violence at the hands of their oppressors. It is important to recognize the resilience and resistance of enslaved individuals rather than perpetuating myths that suggest they were complicit in their own oppression.