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There difference with money

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Q: Why was there such a great divide between the rich and the poor gilded age?
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What was life like for poor people during the gilded age?


Poor the times of the romans?

There were parallels between the later Roman Empire and modern industrial countries. There was a great divide between rich and poor. The Roman one percent controlled the wealth, and the poor had to settle for Bread and Circuses to keep them from revolting. Eventually the poor welcomed barbarian invasion over the crippling taxation and unemployment of the Roman Emperors.

During the gilded age people who gained their wealth by stealing from the poor were known as?

robber barons

What are Pros and Cons of The Gilded Age?

Pros:Innovation and InventionCaptains of IndustryImmigrationLabor UnionsCons:Robber BaronsImmigrationWorking ConditionsLiving conditions for the poor

Who was Jacob Riis during the Gilded Age?

a photographer in the guilded age taking pictures of poor families and suburbs

How ict might narrow the digital divide between rich and poor countries?

because you might need change the spots before.

Why are the people in Brazil so poor?

Brazil has the 8th largest economy in the world. According to the World Bank, Brazil is a rich country, but- An extreme divide between rich and poor. Rich and poor live side-by-side in Brazil.

How did the poor feel in the Gilded Age?

The poor felt abused and forgotten throughout the Gilded Age. There were few labor unions and strikes were fairly unsuccessful at improving working conditions and wages. Tycoons like J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller were notorious for exploiting poor workers. If that wasn't enough, city life was impacted and ghetto-like. No cities were adequately prepared to manage trash collection or even have a proper sewage system, and the pro-business Gilded Age government often looked the other way while the poor suffered. There was a popular sentiment that poor people were lazy, therefore they deserved the conditions in which they lived.

What reason did the Chou dynasty have to conquer the Shang Dynasty?

the great gap between the rich and poor

Experts believe.... caused the downfall of the shang dynasty?

the great gap between rich and poor

Experts believe caused the downfall of the Shang dynasty.?

the great gap between rich and poor

Experts believe caused the downfall of the Shang Dynasty?

the great gap between rich and poor

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