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It was called the triangular trade because of the triangular shape that the three legs of the journey made.

The first leg was the journey from Europe to Africa where goods were exchanged for slaves. The second, or middle, leg of the journey was the transportation of slaves to the Americas. It was nicknamed the 'middle passage. The third and final leg of the journey, was the transport of goods from the Americas back to Europe.

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Q: Why was the slave trade called Triangular trade?
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What was the slave trade also called?

The triangular trade (because it involved three places).

What was the trip from Africa to America called?

triangular slave trade

How did the triangular trade changed the European slave trader's lives?

They probably have gotten something from the triangular trade.

Who was the transatlantic slave trade was part of a triangular trade that developed where?

the Americans

What is another name for the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

The Triangular Trade and the Middle Passage.

Why was the Atlantic Slave trade called the Atlantic slave trade?

This is how it happened the first part of the triangular slave trade was the voyage from Europe to Africa. In Africa European slave traders bought enslaved Africans in exchange for goods shipped from Europe. The second part of the triangular slave trade was the voyage from Africa to the Americas. This is often called the Middle Passage. This was the part of the triangle where enslaved Africans were forcibly shipped across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas. On reaching the Americas those Africans who had survived the terrible journey were sold as slaves to work on plantations. The third and final part of the triangular slave trade was the return voyage from the Americas to Europe. Slave ships returned to Europe loaded with goods produced on plantations using slave labour. It could take slave ships up to one year to complete the entire triangular voyage

What year did the triangular trade start?

The most historically significant triangular trade was the transatlantic slave trade which operated between Europe, Africa and the Americas from the 16th to 19th centuries.

The success of the triangular trade system depended on increasing?

slave trade in the western hemisphere

Where was the Triangle Of trade?

The transatlantic slave trade took place between the continents of Europe, Africa and America from the 17th to the 19th centuries. The reason this trade is called the triangular trade is because it was usually made up of three different voyages which formed a triangular trade pattern. Some slave trading voyages were made directly between the continents of America and Africa.

Which African peoples were among the most victomized by the triangular trade?

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

What trade did the british work to end in Africa in the 1800s?

the triangular trade route

The transatlantic slave trade was part of a triangular trade that developed between Europe Africa and?

The Americans.