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Its not a paper crown!! Thats a party hat which worth 100billion plus.

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Q: Why was the paper crown added into the Christmas cracker?
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When do you open the Christmas crackers?

You open the Christmas cracker before you eat the Christmas meal. A Christmas cracker is a party favor shaped like a tootsie roll wrapped in pretty paper. Inside is usually a paper hat and a small plastic toy.

What is a small tube covered in paper which contains a funny joke given in England at Christmas?

A Christmas Cracker.

What does the Christmas cracker look like?

A Christmas cracker is seen primarily in the UK, South Africa, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. It is a cardboard tube wrapped in festive paper (such as red, gold, green, etc.). It is pulled by two people and, like a wishbone, the cracker splits unevenly. A mild snapping sound is heard when it splits.

What does a Christmas cracker generally contain?

Most crackers contain a paper hat, a small toy and a joke or riddle.

What is the explosive chemical used to make the Christmas cracker snap?

The explosive chemical used to create the "snap" sound in a Christmas cracker is a small amount of silver fulminate. When the cracker is pulled apart, the friction ignites the silver fulminate, causing a popping sound.

When was Paper Crown created?

Paper Crown was created on 2009-12-28.

Why do the British wear crowns at Christmas?

They don'tThey don't wear crowns as such. Traditionally, Christmas Crackers are placed near each diner at Christmas Day dinner. These crackers usually contain a small gift, a silly joke or riddle and a paper hat which is crown shaped. People often wear the paper hat throughout Christmas Dinner.

When was Paper Crown King created?

Paper Crown King was created in 2005-09.

What is the most common gift in Christmas cracker?

Party hats, but Christmas crackers are rare in runescape now. You can get them in green, red, blue, yellow, or purple. Purple is the least expensive, and blue is the most, but the all sell on the GE for a HUGE amount!!!!

What were the first Christmas crackers made up of?

Credit for the invention of the modern "Christmas Cracker" is typically given to London-based candymaker Tom Smith. History tells us Smith was inspired to develop a fun, promotional packaging for his bonbons (crackers were originally called "cracker bonbons") when he was surprised by a sharp crackle form the fireplace. These original crackers, first made in 1847, contained a bon bon candy and a motto on a piece of paper. The cracker itself hasn't changed much over the years: it is made of a carboard tube covered in a twisted paper wrapper. Friction and a chemically treated strip in between create the loud "POP" when the cracker is pulled apart.

What did Christmas paper look in the 1940?

There was no Christmas paper in 1940

What date was the first Christmas cracker made?

The first crackers were made by Tom Smith of London. Smith was a sweet maker who used to sell sugar almonds wrapped in twists of coloured paper - these were inspired by the "bon-bons" he had seen in Paris. To increase sales in his store, he began to include little mottoes inside, rather like a fortune cookie. The small explosive charge was added at an even later date to bolster sagging sales, this accompanied the disappearance of the candy and its replacement with a small gift.