Why was Harvey milk gay?

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This question is like asking, why are your hair that color & not another one.

It's like asking, why do we like what we like?

You don't decide to be gay, you just ARE.

you can hide from it & ignore that feeling, but it never will go away. it will stay, the passion for the same sex.

Harvey Milk wasn't gay, because he WANTED to be gay, he was gay, because it was his person. you're gay since your birth, or never. you can develop it earlier or later, but you're always gay!

Because for sure, if you could chose, if you're gay or straight, the easier way would be, to be straight, because then you don't have to deal with some intolerante & consevative persons.

But I, personally, am happy to be gay, and I didn't decide this either.

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Q: Why was Harvey milk gay?
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