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Teens should be allowed to date because they like someone in a way that they want to share with someone just like an adult. They shouldn't be judged if they date someone, you see it all the time just keep a close eye on the teens when they date. They may get to caught up in the moment.

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Q: Why teens should be allowed to date?
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What age should people date?

In the teens

Should teens smoke?

only if they want to take a health risk and teens over 18 only are allowed

Should teens over 13 be allowed in r movies?


What should you do if you love someone but aren't allowed to date them?

Wait until your allowed to date.

When should you be allowed to date?


Why should teens date in their own age range?

My simple opinion is this, most teens should date in their age range because of the risk of abusive relationships, moving to quickly and getting serious too quickly.

Should teens be allowed to jump off bridges?

I don't think so but if they do there is a chance that they will survive

When should a person be allowed to date?

I belive the age of dating should be around 15 but maybe 16 because you have to be mature to date and know all the facts (ex, sex). ALSO, a mistake alot of teens make is go out with people just to say they had a boy or girl friend, without liking them. Basically, a person should be allowed to date when they really like their partner and dont get crazy or so stupidly in love that they go to the next level, SEX!

How can you find out if a girl you like is allowed to date and should you ask her out?

you ask her?...Or you ask her best friend if she likes you and is she allowed to date.

Should teens be allowed to have curfews?

yes i think they should other wise they will stay out all night and go WILD

What do say to your mom if a boy asks you out and you're not allowed to date?

If you want to date him I suggest you don't tell her anything. The problem then is that you will have to hide it from her until you are allowed to date. What might work is if you ask her why you're not allowed to date. Sort arguments why you should be allowed and try to convince her you're old enough. If she keeps saying no, in my opinion you should just date behind her back.

What is the movie with the group of teens that were only allowed to date each other?

one of the girls was kicked out of their clique because she dated someone out side it