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It Did Not Prove Profitable !

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Q: Why slavery did not become a lasting institution in the Northern states primarily?
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How was the nation divided over the institution. of slavery?

northern and southern

The Northern and Southern positions regarding slavery were primarily influenced by?

the economic impact of slavery.the enconimc effect on slavery.

Why did the Union think slavery was bad?

Most of the Northern population believed that on moral and religious grounds, slavery was an evil institution. The Northern economy was not based on slavery, although the cotton from the South was produced by the labor of slaves.

What happen to the institution of slavery as slaves became more valuable and as northern oppositon to slavery grew more vocal?

The institution of slavery became much stricter. The south demanded a federal slave code, the annexation of Cuba, and the reestablishment of the African Slave Trade.

What was not a force favoring the continuation of slavery?

One force that did not favor the continuation of slavery was the growing abolitionist movement in the Northern states, which called for the end of slavery and increased humanitarian concerns about the institution.

When did slavery become illegal in the Northern US?

Slavery in the United States lasted as a legal institution until the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1865.

How did the institution of slavery continue to affect the world even after it was abolished?

it reduced the way african states can resist europeans

Institution forbidden by the the 13th amendment?


Did Slavery in the US include enslaved Mexicans or Hispanics?

I am sure there were some spics enslaved during the slave trade period, but it was primarily africans. What I can also tell you is that the institution of slavery should be re-instated for mexicans.

Who ended the institution of slavery?

sojourner truth ended slavery

What was the institution?

The "Peculiar Institution" was and remains a common euphemism for slavery in the U.S. southern slave states. People to this day will speak of "the South's Peculiar Institution" as a way of referring to slavery without actually using the word "slavery."

Why did northern colonies outlaw slavery?

Northern colonies began to outlaw slavery for a few reasons, including moral objections to the institution of slavery, economic shifts towards industrialization that diminished the reliance on slave labor, and the growing abolitionist movement that gained momentum in the North. Additionally, some northern states found that the practice of slavery was not as profitable or sustainable in their region compared to the southern states due to differences in agriculture and climate.