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you might gain more weight than before if you diet too fast/you will increase the amount of fat and your heart has to pump harder.

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Q: Why shouldn't someone gain or lose weight quickly?
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Why shouldn't someone gain or lose too quickly?

If you gain weight quickly you will have fat problems. And if you lose weight too quickly you will suffer anorexia before you have a chance to gain the average weight. And that is the truth.

Why someone shouldn't gain weight quickly?

sometimes when you gain weight so quickly. you get a tingling sensation in your legs. you kinda turn into a human mermaid and you become quite constipated.

What would be a good meal plan to gain weight for a 90 pounds 23-year-old who is getting boney?

A diet of carbs and fats will gain weight quickly. Bread, ice-cream, vegetables like potatoes and carrots will all help someone gain weight quickly. Also fruits are high in sugars and can be consumed to gain weight.

Why should you stop eating junk food?

You shouldnt eat junkfood so you dont gain weight.

Why should anyone not gain weight or lose weight too quickly?

because its unhealthy

Gain water weight quickly?

Consume lots of water durhead!

How you will gain the weight?

You can by taking protein powder which creates fat that quickly turns into muscle, which creates more weight. Working out in general will help you gain weight as you are building muscle.

Can you lose weight quickly and not diet?

Yes, but you'll gain the weight back faster than you put it on.

Can Slim Shots Make you Loss Weight fast?

Possibly, but you'll gain the weight back more quickly.

Why are salmon and other anadromous fish able to gain weight so quickly?


Is it normal for a elderly person to gain five pounds in two days?

You can't, it's not healthy. You might gain a little bit of water weight if you drink a little more, but you can't gain weight that quickly.

Can you gain your weight back fast after you have lost it?

Yes, you can gain weight back quickly after you have lost it. Crash diets often have this awful result. This comes from water weight loss, or from unsustainable starvation-type diets.