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There is no relation between the two. I see no problem with it unless there was a large amount of alcohol consumed. Alcohol will raise blood pressure and so does excessive heat. So the two combined could contribute to a dangerously high blood pressure.

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Q: Why should you not sit in a hot tub after drinking alcohol?
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Can a child legally sit at a bar in Florida if not drinking alcohol?

Yes, a minor can legally sit at a bar as long as they have a menu. The minor obviously cannot be served drinks but they can be served food off the menu.

Why shouldn't a person taking anti hypertensive drugs drink alcohol or sit in a hot tub?

Vasodilation can cause hypotension

It it legal in Kansas to sit at the bar if under legal drinking age?

No, it is not illegal to sit at a bar even if under drinking age, because you are not buying nor are you consuming any alcohol. You are only not aloud to sit at the bar if it is a club that requires you to be a certain age to enter or if the bar tender asks you to leave and you don't go then you will be committing loitering.

What do you do if i have been out in the cold too long?

Well, I personally will do nothing if you have been in the cold too long, but YOU should probably find the warmest thing you can find and sit next to it, drinking and eating hot items while you're at it.

How long should you let the KIT scratch out liquid scratch remover sit on your bumper for before you wipe it off?

About 4 weeks. Needs to be applied in hot, wind blown areas, in the nude, while drinking Jim Beam.

What is the legal age to sit at bar in CT?

at most bars you are allowed to sit at a bar and eat if you are 18. obviously, if you're not drinking there should be no problem. but it's up to the facility.

Is my teen drinking behind my back?

Of course. Besides the fact that it is illegal, you should be certain that everyone understands the health risks and long term complications from alcohol use. You may also want to be sure the child is aware that they are placing the entire family in legal and financial jeopardy; and be certain to evaluate whether you should accept the liability for providing a vehicle to a drinking teen. Alcohol misuse is a serious problem in most societies and the earlier you teach you child to be responsible the better.

What happens when you let hot chocolate sit for 2 hours?

It cools down. You should heat it back up.

Alcohol drinking security senses?

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is the mental and physical dependence on alcohol. In simple words. Doctor refers to alcoholism when one cannot control how much they drink and find it difficult to control their emotions when they are not drinking. One of the major symptoms of this illness is when a person finds an excessive need of drinking alcohol even when the use is causing trouble. However, some people misconstrue it to willpower and leave it on the person to decide whether they want to get out of it. But alcohol use is more like a brain problem. Excessive consumption of alcohol causes changes in the brain, which makes it extremely difficult for the person to quit it. If you are having the same issue, or you know someone with the same problem the good news is that many treatments can help you get out of alcoholism. However, remember it is always great to sit with your doctor, discuss the problem and see what works best for you.

When you sit down why does the sit get hot?

Your body temperature (which is warm) warms the seat when you are sitting.

What is a major cause of fatality involving small boats?

Falling overboard and drowning

Are minors allowed to sit at a bar in Michigan?

It is perfectly legal for a minor to sit in a bar, as long as the minor does not consume alcohol. Bars can serve non-alcoholic drinks too.