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Because the smoke is hot and will rise towards the ceiling. The lower you stay in a smoky room, the fresher the air is !

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Q: Why should you crawl lose to the floor in a smoke filled room?
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What to do when caught in a room filled with smoke from a fire?

Run away. Or try to put it out. if it gets on you drop to the floor and roll it out.

Why do firefighters crawl on the floor of a room that is filled with smoke?

There is more oxygen near the floor than there is higher up. If you are ever caught in a house that is on fire, you need to do the same thing when trying to get to an exit, such as a door or window.

Why do you crawl close to the floor in a smoke filled room?

so u dont sufficate and burn ur lungs from breathing in the smoke. smoke and heat rises Smoke rises. Watch cigarette smoke for example. It always spirals upwards or sideways if caught in a draft. By crawling, you reduce the amount of dangerous, hazardous smoke you come in contact with and thereby maximize your chance to escape.Because smoke is less dense than air, so it rises. By crawling you would limit the amount you inhaled.Hope that helps!

Where will get the breathable air in a smoke filled ares?

Outside, which is where you should go if you're in a smoke filled area.

Why is it safest to crawl near the floor when there is a fire?

because smoke rises up. better chance of not breathing in smoke,

Should you smoke weed you found on the floor?

whats on the floor?

What action should you take if you find yourself in a smoke filled room?

Get low to the ground and crawl out of the room and out of the house. I know, I'm a Boy Scout.

Why do you have to crawl on the floor when there is a fire?

The smoke and heat will move upward. u should crawl so u can see going and if u are standing up you will see lots of smoke and u will not be able to breath Because heat rises and if you stand straight up and take one breath, It can burn your lungs and kill you.

What is the best way you must do when you are trapped in a burning building?

put a wet cloth over your lower face, crawl down on the floor under the smoke, try to get to a window

Why do you crawl in a building full of smoke?

You crawl because if you breathe in too much smoke in could really hurt hurt your lungs and you could pass out.

Why is it better to crawl low through smoke if you are trying to escape from a fire?

It's better to crawl low because the smoke rises so if you crawl under it you wont inhale as much of it and are less likely to die of smoke inhalation than if you just ran through it

How does smoking reduce the amount of oxygen in your body?

The inhaled smoke takes up space in the lungs which should filled with air. This in turn reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood stream because of space now filled by poisonous gases taken from the smoke.