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its because you are annoying and weird and she probably wants to spend more time with your friend.

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Q: Why my girlfriend don't want to spend time with me?
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How make your girl friend miss you?

For one why would you you want your girlfriend to miss you,youre supposed to spend time with her.

Do i really want a girlfriend?

Only you know if you want a girlfriend. If you are lonely and wanting to have someone to spend time with, you may be ready for a girlfriend.

How to tell if girlfriend is cheating?

One way to try to tell if your girlfriend is cheating is if she's refusing to spend time with you. If she has a new boyfriend she may want to spend less time with you.

How do you know if your ex wants you back but they still have a girlfriend?

An almost sure way to gauge this is to check out the amount of time that they spend with each person. If they seem to want to spend more time with you than with their girlfriend, yeah they probably still want you. Also if they express that they think that you're more fun than their girlfriend, they probably still want you.If they spend a lot of time with their current girlfriend and seem to have fun with her then move on.

Why do you love someone you dont know?

you think that person is hot and want to date her so go up to her and ask her to be friends and then you spend allot of time with her and when you think you are Right for each other ask to be boyfriend and girlfriend

Does mindless behavior want a girlfriend named Angelique?

There is a passage on Mindless Behavior saying they are not realing trying to date right now because they are busy and they dont want any girls saying oh you spend more time with them than me and stuff they want a true teenage love so evidently they dont want no girls right now

What does he mean he dont want to be tied down?

he doesnt want a girlfriend. probably a player or maybe just a bad time in his life

How do you tell your girlfriend you want to her sister?

You dont.

Does Cody Simpson want a girlfriend 2012?

Cody Simpson does want a girlfriend but he thinks he would struggle with making her happy because they would spend little time together because of traverling!<3 love you Cody

You want sex but your girlfriend dont want to and its both your first time but what do you do?

You should not force your girlfriend t do anything she is not comfortable with. If you really love her you can leave it until she is ready, talk to her about it and see why she doesnt want to and if you can overcome these problems.

Why would your girlfriend refuse to kiss you?

Dont worry maybe she is not ready yet give her some time shell have to want to some time

What if my girlfriend doesn't want me to call her?

dont, but ask her why, and who she is with...