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Low iron levels, and under doctor's supervision.

While nursing I limit to taking nothing, unless absolutely needed. Foods can be a great source of everything you need. If you need more iron I would suggest increasing your foods high in iron.

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Q: Why might a lactating woman need to take an iron supplement?
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How do you spell iron?

That is the correct spelling of ironically.

Iron supplements are often needed by?

Many doctors recommend a fortified milk formula, breakfast cereal, or an iron supplement for infants and toddlers because it's especially difficult to meet their iron needs. Doctors also usually prescribe iron supplements for pregnant or lactating women.

Why do you need iron supplement if your body can recycle iron?

A person might be taking an iron supplement if they are not getting enough iron in their normal diet, for example a vegetarian. The other reason could be that the body isn't quite good enough at recycling anyway; naturally, some iron will get lost and will have to be replaced.

What is palafer?

It's an iron supplement.

What are the medicines that are prescribe to a pregnant women?

The pregnant woman is given OB vitamins with 400 mg of folic acid and iron supplement if needed.Antibiotics if there is infection. and etc.

How do you keep anemia healthy?

Take an iron supplement or eat foods rich in iron.

Can vitamin c be taken with an Iron supplement?

Yes we can take

Who will get the most benefit from an iron supplement?

Individuals who have iron deficiency anemia or are at risk of developing it, such as pregnant women, individuals with heavy menstrual bleeding, and those with gastrointestinal conditions that affect nutrient absorption, will benefit the most from an iron supplement. It is essential to consult a healthcare provider before starting iron supplementation to determine the appropriate dosage and duration.

Which iron supplements are vegetarian?

There is Floradix, which is a vegetarian liquid supplement.

When was The Iron Woman created?

The Iron Woman was created in 1993.

What could happen if a person with type B intakes iron supplement?

It doesn't matter if any one blood type or another takes an iron supplement. If you are low in iron, however, the hemoglobin in the RBC can not carry as much oxygen as it should.

Which iron supplement to take?

Before you take any dietary supplement, consult with your doctor. Each individual has different dietary needs. Men and women also differ significantly when it comes to supplementing with iron.