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Men certainly CAN live without sex. But most would quite prefer to live WITH sex, as long as it's possible. Not many people - men or women - would deliberately choose to live without something that they really enjoy.

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Q: Why men can't live without sex?
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Is it harder for men or women to go without sex?

Definitely men. A woman can at least go a day without thinking or talking about it. Lol. I don't think men have a capable quality to shut off the sex center of the brain.

Is love sex or can love live without sex?

It is SO important not to get the two mixed up. you can be having sex and not feel love and you can also be in love but not have sex. love itself is different to sex, so yes love can live without sex-its more of an added bonus!

Fucck you i can live without women and I'm not even gay cuz i jackoff every time i see a hot chick i only use women for sex just like women use men for money?

Men who use woman only for sex prove themselve stupid and selfless, as well as proving they hold no respect for themselves or women, if that's who you are, then fine, I don't care. And more to prove myself correct, then if you can live without women, then why do you use them for sex?

Can women live without men?

Yes even if we think otherwise! Some guys in particular manage better on their own than men in a relationship because they have to do things for themselves and learn how to cope. -------------- If men don't mind going extinct having sex with other men or not having sex at all then yes they can live without women. --------------

How long can a person live without sex?

All their lives

What do you need to do if you have weak sex or you need pills to be able to have sex...because without pills you cant do anything?

If you talk about Viagra you need a prescription from a doctor.

When gay men say they are breeding that means?

It means they are having sex without a condom.

What should a woman do if she wants to live her whole life alone without sex and men keep approaching her for sex no matter what she does to stop them from approaching her?

She should be firm in her convictions for herself, which will enable her to be firm in her rejections of the advances of others and happy in her way of life.

If a girl has normal discharge and has sex without condom can the guy get the discharge too?

Normal discharge means NO INFECTIONS - in this case men cannot have discharge after sex BUT if the origin of discharge is sexually transmitted infections - YES, men can get it after sex.

Is is possible for a man to be attracted to a woman enough for sex but not really be that physically attracted to her?

Yes men can have sex with a woman without fancying here that much

Is it practically possible for a man to do without sex?

Yes. It won't have any bad effects on him. Consider that monks and other religious men don't have sex.

What is the chemistry of the sperm cell?

It is a sex cell that ONLY men have and it cannot make babies without the egg