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They don't need to have good service because their clothes are cheap.

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If there is an erroneous payment then

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Q: Why joyce Leslie does not give store credit or gift cards when you tried to return something with out recipt?
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Can you return a piano?

if you have a recipt then yes you can return it

Why can't you return items in the poptropica store?

You can't return items of the store because its basically like trying to return something without the recipt... you just can't.

What is mean by credit return?

A credit return is when you get your funds returned to you after already paying for something. Credit returns are also sometimes called refunds.

Can you return something at target without a receiet?

yes, if it's something they carry they will take it back. (If you used a credit card to purchase the item you want to return, they are able to pull up the sale information with the credit card).

What should you do if you loan your CD collection to a friend and that person refuses to return it?

Call the police ,guards ,cops what ever it is in your counrty and supply them with a recipt of proof of purchase

What is the other name for sales return or return inward?

Credit note issued

How do you account cash sales return?

[Debit] Sales return [Credit] Cash /bank [Debit] Sales [Credit] Sales return

Where do you find info on returning clothing?

if its from a department store or a store similar to one the info should be on the recipt if you've lost the recipt most retailors require that to make a return but you can check online to see if they have a website or you could go to their coustomer service counter most likely one in the store. ~lindi~

Could you return an ipod without the recipt but give the serial number instead with warrenty?

At most stores, a receipt will be needed. However, you can take the iPod in and see if they will take it back.

Say I make a purchase at a store and later on have to return the item. Does it hurt my credit if I return the purchased item Does it matter if money is credited on card or returned in cashstore cr?

No, it does not hurt your credit. No, it doesnt matter, when you return an item that you purchased on credit, they ask for your card and return the money onto your credit card!

Who produced The Little Mermaid movie Return to the Sea?

It was David Lovegren and Leslie Hough who produced the little mermaid return to the sea

What is the balance for purchase return and allowances?