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your pool filter is turning orange because it is collecting Iron deposits in your water. Iron deposit is actually brown however it turns a really pretty rusty orange color when being filtered.

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sounds like it may be rust. do you have a well? if so, that's what it probably is.

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Q: Why is your pool filter turning orange?
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Can you cycle a pool filter on and off?

no you cannot unless you have an automatic pool filter that has features of turning on and off it's possible but mainly most filters u can turn off or on

How do you keep an above ground swimming pool from turning green?

Proper water chemistry instead of neglect. Long filter periods and a clean filter.

Why is your pool continually going back to green after shocking?

If your pool filter is blowing green back into the pool, it indicates a problem with the filtration system and you need to change your filter promptly. If you're unsure about the best course of action yourself, it's recommended to consult a pool professional who can provide personalised advice and assistance based on your specific situation and we can help you with it. You can visit our website for the best solution possible.

How often should I clean my pool?

The cleaning schedules varies from filter to filter, but a general guideline on any swimming pool filter is to take a reading when the filter is clean, then clean the pool filter when the pressure rises about 10 psi.

What would cause a pool to stay green and foggy?

Algae will develop in untreated water turning the water green and or foggy. If it is a swimming pool, and you don't mind, it can be treated with chemicals that you can get at the big box hardware stores or a pool supply place. If the pool is for fish you can use a biological filter and pump system.

Where does the water come from when backwashing a pool filter?

From the pool

Difference of a pool skimmer and pool filter?

A pool skimmer is generally built into the side of or around the top of a swimming pool in order to skim debris from the surface of the water. A pool filter is built into the plumbing in order to filter fine debris from the water itself.

Is Salt filter better than DE filter for pool?

Salt is not a filter, it is added to pool water to allow a chlorine generator to operate.

Pool Filter?

form_title=Pool Filter form_header=Pool service professionals are available to help you with all of your pool filtration needs. Are you having problems with the filtration system of your pool?*= () Yes () No Do you need a pool filter installed?*= () Yes () No Is your pool above ground or in ground?*= () Above ground () In ground Is your pool a chlorine or salt water pool?*= () Chlorine () Salt water

How often do you change the pool filter?

You don't have to change the pool filter for years Unless it gets damaged. You do however have to clean the pool filter whenever the presure leading to the filter gets too high. This indicates a dirty filter that is not allowing water to get through effectively.

Pool sand filter is making your pool green?

The sand filter wont make a pool green this happens a s a result of algae.

How do you bypass pool filter?

To bypass a non functioning pool filter, or to keep your pool filter in pristine condition, first you need to back wash the pool. Once the pool has been back washed, you will need a leaf skimmer, a telescoping pole, a tile brush, a pumice stone, an algae brush, and a pool vacuum.