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They just are, it really sucks.

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The perception of perversion is subjective and varies among individuals and cultures. Complex factors such as societal norms, upbringing, media influence, and personal experiences can shape one's view on what is considered perverse. It is important to engage in open dialogue and understanding to explore these differences.

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Q: Why is the world so perverted?
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Why are girls so perverted?

They just are....

Is japan perverts for making hentei?

Let me as you a question: do you think Americans are perverted? I mean, we make about as much porn as Japan. If you think about it, every country is perverted. Actually, because the whole world centers around reproducing, everything is perverted. So, Japanese citizens are about as perverted as Americans. Oh, by the way, did you know that 'hentai' means 'pervert' in Japanese? They typically look down on that word, as do Americans on porn.

How you use perverted in a sentence?

One example of using "perverted" in a sentence is: "His perverted comments made everyone uncomfortable at the dinner party."

Are bras perverted?

No, they are the exact opposite of perverted!

Are prostitutes perverted?

Not any more so than the people who buy them.

Are pentecostals perverted?

No, Pentecostals are not perverted. Why would you ask such a question?

When was Perverted-Justice created?

Perverted-Justice was created in 2002.

What does perves mean?

do u mean peeved because if so it means annoyed. Or do you mean perverted? That means changed to or being of an unnatural or abnormal kind. For example: a perverted interest in death.

Does it make a guy perverted if he'd love to give cunnilingus?

not really , if your together and like each other then it's a very special thing. I do it to my girlfriend alot and she loves it so I wouldn't consider it perverted. perverted is more like looking up skirts and being a peeping Tom

How do you make a sentence for perverted?

Sexual examples would be :"Stop doing that to your sister's doll, it is perverted.""Many people consider sex with vegetables to be perverted.""The priest had a large collection of photographs depicting his altar boys in perverted situations."The word perverted has a meaning beyond the sexual one. "To pervert" is to corrupt, debase, or misuse.Example : "Buying drugs was a perverted use of the charity's funds."Example : "The doctor saw his research perverted by his sponsors."

Why do 6th grade boys act so perverted?

One word.... hormones ! lol

Why do some of the questions answered have to be perverted?

Because some people enjoy perverted jokes and stuff like that so the put stuff on the internet and answer like that. But some people enjoy and others don't.