Why is the Luger P08 so popular?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The Luger was a very precision crafted firearm, the grip angle feels extremely natural, the 9mm cartridge had a decent amount of power, they were seen as desirable war trophies, and they simply look sexy to many people. However, I still prefer my 1911A1 in 45 ACP.

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Q: Why is the Luger P08 so popular?
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What is the value of a luger p08 1830 aprox?

The P08 was not made in 1830.

What is a luger pistol?

The Luger P08 was a standard sidearm of the German Military in both World Wars.

When was the luger invented?

I believe you will find that the German Luger P08 went into production in the early 1900's. P08 basically refers to Pistol of 1908.The luger was used extensively during WW1 and WW2 by German forces.

With what materials was the Luger p08 pistol made?

Steel and wood.

Luger P08 1941 value model 8598?

depends on overall condition

How much did a Luger P08 cost?

$13 USD / RM 32 in 1945

Which is better the P08 Luger of Type 14 Nambu a better pistol?

Better is a very relative term. In terms of quality and reliability, the P08 Luger rated higher in these regards. It also used a more powerful cartridge. But it was also complicated and expensive to manufacture, which is why the P38 came to be.

How do you unload a luger p08?

remove the magazine they pull UP on the top toggle which will then eject any round in the chamber.......................

I have a German luger looks like p08 but 9mm ammo does not work the bore is smaller what size ammo does ituse?

it is probably a 30 cal luger, which is a bottle neck cartridge.

What is the weppon luger po8?

The P08 Luger was a pistol, and a very iconic one of the Germany during both World Wars. It was also the pistol which introduced the 9x19mm cartridge (also known as the 9mm Parabellum or 9mm Luger).

Luger p08 serial no 8522 what is age and value?

look on top of receiver, rear of barrel, and you will see a date......that's it.

. What is a luger?

The Luger P08 was the side arm used by the German Army for both World War 1 and World War 2. The pistol was deisgned by George Luger and went into production in 1908, thus Pistol 08 or P08. The design had a unique toggle receiver mechanism. The gun has only 2 screws and they hold on the wood grips. This design uses close tolerance, sliding mechanisms that does not withstand dirt and grime. That is why the Luger holster completely encloses the pistol.