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Did it occur to you that guy could like that girl

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2014-04-19 02:56:24
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Q: Why is that guy blush when there is girl next to them?
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Why does a guy blush when he is talking to a girl?

Probably because he likes that girl...

If you saw a girl blush a lot does that mean she likes the guy?

Girls tend to blush around guys they like.

What does it mean if a guy said he likes a girl and then starts to blush?

Then he likes the girl a lot, and wants to get to know her.

What does it mean when all girls blush around only one guy?

The girl likes that guy or finds him attractive.

How would a guy know if a girl if flirting with him?

They blush and giggle and smile. And probably stare at them.

Why would a guy smile and blush once he finds out a girl likes him?

because he is happy

What does it mean when you blush?

Blush means when you are with the girl/guy you like and you say something to them it makes them turn red. This means they like you. And when you get embarassed by other things

How does a guy feel when is in love?

he love the girl pretty much, you probally know what that feels like if you ever loved anyone. you get this buterfly sensation in your stomach and blush when your next to them <3

What does it mean when a guy blushes?

Either he is embaressed or likes a girl. If he likes a girl he may blush when he hears her name or is talking to that girl

Do boys blush when they like a girl?

Well, guys actually do sometimes, I have guy friends who talk about the crushes they have, and I always see them blush when they see the girl they like. Sometimes they don't, or they try to hide it by walking away or trying not to see you. But still, guys do blush sometimes when they see the girl they like, usually it matters on how they are as a person.

What does it mean if all girls blush dark red with only one super nerdy guy?

that means that she likes him or is attracted to him in some way bcuz girls almost 98.9% of the time usually blush around a guy when she is interested in him. I should know cuz im a girl and i always blush ALOT when im around a guy that i like ;)

Can you list in point form what it means if all girls blush dark red with only one guy?

It usually means the girl really likes the guy.

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