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Using the withdrawal method without a condom is extremely unreliable and unsafe due to:

--STI disease causing microorganisms do not depend on actual ejaculation for transmission. Many are transmitted via mucous membranes (the penis, vulva and the mouth). Condoms aren't foolproof, and have less protection against some STIs (such as HPV and herpes simplex 1) but they do lower the risks of transmission over no protection at all. Any number of people are unknowingly infected with an STI; they have no visible symptoms for years and pass the STI onto other unknowing sex partners.

--pre-ejaculate fluid (pre-cum) can contain small amounts of sperm. Since it's released well before a guy actually ejaculates, it does pose the risk of pregnancy.

---A guy re-inserting his penis (without a condom) after ejaculating outside the vagina is not safe either. Within the first few hours after ejaculation, there is usually some sperm left in the guy's urethra. The amount left behind is nowhere near the amount of sperm in the typical ejaculate, but it still presents a possibility of pregnancy.

---The guy's ability, as far as self control and consistency in ejaculating, is unreliable. It's quite typical for a guy to 'cum' earlier than what he expected, or to not be able to withdraw completely before ejaculating. This makes sex, for both partners, very stressful and less pleasurable, because all the focus is on making sure the guy doesn't ejaculate inside his partner. It becomes even more stressful when the guy 'cums' acidentally and the woman has no access to Plan B.

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Q: Why is pulling out during intercourse so bad?
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