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its only containdicated in the first trimester of pregnancy and in breast feeding

why its contraindicated in first trimester pregnancy: it crosses the placenta, in animal drug trials this had no effect on mice at 5x the normal dose, however it had a statistically significant increased mortality in human pregnant females, due to this the study was stopped and never completed, it is unknown why this occurs in humans

why its contraindicated in breast feeding: it gets in to breast milk and causes increased tumors

currently the only indication i know of for metronidazole in pregnancy is trichomniasis infection, which even if caught during first trimester, shouldnt be treated until at least the second trimester

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Q: Why is metronidazole contraindicated with pregnancy?
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Is disodium hydrogen citrate contraindicated in pregnancy?

Disodium hydrogen citrate is contraindicated in pregnancy. Disodium hydrate citrate is a category C which state that it is unsafe for use in pregnancy.

Which antiseptic is contraindicated in pregnancy?

Disodium hydrogen citrate

Can you Take Metronidazole Vaginal gel While Pregnant?

Metronidazole gel is not a spermicidal gel. If you're having intercourse while using it, you should use a condom -- not only for the pregnancy protection, but to help resolve the vaginitis.

Is massaging a person with boils contraindicated?

They are locally contraindicated if not severe and systemically contraindicated if they are severe.

What is the conraindication of metronidazole?

First trimester of pregnancy, breastfeeding, cannot take if using coumadin (warfarin) or phenobarbital. Shouldn't take this if you have liver disease.

Is chest physiotherapy contraindicated in tuberculosis?

Yes it is contraindicated

Is lamzoprazol safe during pregnancy?

Omeprazole is not the preferred medication for reflux during pregnancy. Pepci (Famotidine) is a better option. Please review any medications with your OB before you begin taking them.

What are the specific principles of pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage can vary greatly depending on the stage of pregnancy of the individual woman. In general, massage therapy has the principles of being supportive and comforting. The highest risk is during the first trimester, and massage is contraindicated unless approved by a doctor.

Are cholagogues contraindicated in pregnancy?

Certainly this is not a medication you would take without the advice of your doctor. However, it can help the removal of bile from the mother's liver, helping the fetus.

Can metronidazole treat bronchitis?

Metronidazole can it treat Bronchitis

Is Doryx contraindicated in Myasthenia gravis?

Doxycycline is not contraindicated in myathenia gravis.

Is morphine contraindicated cholecystitis?

Contraindicated. Causes spasm for sphinter of Oddi.