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Pollution causing, and cats are likely to swallow the awful stuff. Besides, it is tacky.

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Q: Why is it illegal in California to decorate Christmas trees with tinsel?
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Is using tinsel on your Christmas tree illegal?


What is a tinsel?

Tinsel are long, narrow strips of coloured or silver aluminium foil, used mainly to decorate Christmas Trees.

What is another word for glitter for the tree?

Tinsel is used to decorate a Christmas tree

What equipment do you use to decorate a Christmas tree?

1. ornaments (any kind) 2. Christmas tinsel garland 3. Christmas lights this is the basic equipment you use to decorate a chrismas tree

What are shiny strips we decorate the tree with?


Similar to tinsel these long strips of shiny foil are used to decorate a Christmas tree What are they called?


Why do you have tinsel?

so you can decorate your tree

How do you decorate for Christmas?

put up trees with tinsel boabels buy decorations hang them hang stockings put up Christmas cards... hope this helped?:)

Why do people put tinsel on the Christmas tree?

Tinsel makes the tree glitter and seem shiny. But tinsel also has an other meaning going back to 1860: 'something sparkling or showy but basically valueless'. You may have heard the term applied to Hollywood as tinsel town.

How to decorate an Indian party?

Tinsel ...and lots of it!

Do Ireland decorate their tree?

They have Christmas trees with things like lights, balls, tinsel and other Christmas decorations. On walls you may have banners, special Christmas decorations, and signs. Cribs are common in most homes and various lights and candles. Christmas-related items such as Santa or reindeer may form part of Christmas decorations too. Holly and ivy are common and other flowers and plants.

What is the silver and gold sparkling material used for decorations on Christmas?

The glittering material that is used as a Christmas decoration is tinsel. This tinsel is often used on the Christmas tree.