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Maybe he is trying to make you feel jealous, get your attention OR he does't like you.

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Q: Why is he dating someone else if he likes me?
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If you are already dating someone but someone else really likes you what do you do?

well it depends on who u like more

Does Keke Palmer like Corbin Bleu?

NO. She is dating someone else.

Does Zac Efron like vanessa Hudgens and someone else?

He is dating Vanessa; whether he likes someone else as well is only known by him.

What do you do when the guy you like is dating someone else and you think he likes you?

You back off, home wrecker.

What do you do if you like a guy who likes someone else that is already going out with someone else?

you would let ti alone. if it bugs you that much, tell a rumor about her to your love that she is secretly dating.

What if you think a girl likes you but shes dating someone else?

no ask her if she likes you ! or just let it be. see if Shel break up with her boyfriend for you if she likes you alot more than him

I asked out one of my friends and she said she likes someone else yet when i encouraged her to go for that peerson she said she wasn't into dating is she lying about liking someone else?

she might be just saying that because she really likes you but shes too nervous to tell u and/or she might have found out the person she like was dating someone else or also she didnt want to hurt your feelings because she doesnt like you back

Your ex girlfriend still likes you but your dating someone else what do you do?

the h-e-double hockey sticks with her and go with the other girl

If your friend said this guy likes you but he's going out with another girl what would you do?

if he likes, let him come to you... if he is dating with someone else don't care about him... just leave it off...

What would you do if your dating somebody and you want to date somebody else?

Find out if that someone else likes you and then if they do, break it off with the person you are dating, but only if you are absolutely positive that the other person is the one, and not just going to be a one night stand

What does it mean to date someone and like someone else?

that your dating someone and you like someone else....

When you discover that your gboyfriend is dating someone else whenever you ask he denies it what do you have to do?

say i know your dating someone else. then breakup with him.