Why is getting pregnant so hard?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Its not if you stop trying so hard! Unfortunately there are many things that can make getting pregnant hard. Some couples find it incredibly easy, I did, but for others it is much more difficult. However, it is supposed to be fun, so even if you don't get pregnant, relax and and enjoy trying.

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Q: Why is getting pregnant so hard?
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How hard is it to get pregnant again?

Getting pregnant is very hard or very easy depending on how easily your body conceives

Why was the baby boom generation hard to ignore?

Because there was so many "hippies" getting pregnant and protesting for the "free love" movement.

How hard would it be to get pregnant with a person that has the same blood type as you?

The blood type has nothing to do with getting pregnant.

Is it true that thin women have a hard time getting pregnant?

No that does not matter at all.

Can ghost have baby?

Having a baby is not the hard part. It's getting pregnant.

When are women on birth control most prone to getting pregnant?

The purpose of a birth control pill is not to get pregnant, so they are not "prone" to getting pregnant. To get pregnant the pill has to be stopped.

Why are you having a hard time getting your girl pregnant?

Consult a specialist medical practitioner.

Is estrogen or progesterone more important in getting pregnant?

progesterone in getting pregnant and estrogen in staying pregnant---so you need both good luck Joymaker RN

What if you Plan on getting pregnant and im laying on your stomach is that fine?

You can lie on w/e position you want. If a couple have a hard time getting pregnant it can help if she lies on her back with her hips up after the intercourse for about 30 minutes. But that is if you have a difficult time getting pregnant. Normally this is not needed.

Can antibiotics prevent a women from getting pregnant?

No it can not. If you are on the pill it will negate the effect so you actually get pregnant.

If a woman is pregnant when does she start to have symptoms of pregnancy?

I suggest getting the book "What to expect when expecting" you can get it cheap (.75 cents) on Every woman is different so it is hard to say what symptoms you will have and when.

If he comes in you what are the chances of getting pregnant?

If this happens there is only a 99.99 % of chance that u will get pregnant. So don't worry there is still the 0.01 % chance you are not pregnant.