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Your gun is a 357 and can shoot both 357 ammo and 38 special ammo. The nice thing about these guns is you can practice at the range with 38S bullets, which are much cheaper, and save the 357 ammo for home defense.

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Q: Why is a 38 special called that if its actually 357?
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Can you shoot regular 38 caliber ammunition in a 38 special?

NO, a 38 Special is actually .357 caliber. NO, a 38 Special is actually .357 caliber. A 38 special is NOT a 357 magnum. Both bullet heads are about .357 in diameter. The difference between the 38 and 357 is the length of the brass case. The 357 brass case is a bit longer then the 38 special case, and the gun powder load is a bit higher then the 38 special load...... Further, you can shoot a 38 special case in the 357 magnum revolver, however, you cannot fire a 357 magnum round in the 38 special. The 38 special cylinder is too short for the 357 round......

What size bullet does a 38 caliber?

38 is the size. This answer is actually correct, but more specifically, .38 special (and many of the other .38 caliber cartridges) are actually .357. The caliber ".38" was chosen to distinguish between .357 magnum and .38 special.

Does 357 bullets work for a 38 special?

No, but a 38 special will work in a 357

Can 38 caliber bullets be used in a 357 magnum?

No. <><><> Above is correct- however, ,38 Special CARTRIDGES can be used in a .357 magnum revolver. The .38 Special is actually not .38 caliber, but .357 caliber. .38 caliber bullets, such as used in the .38 S&W catridge, cannot be used.

Can you fire .38 cal ammo in a firearm chambered for .357 Magnum?

.38 Special cartridges may be safety fired in a .357 Magnum firearm. The .38 Special is actually not .38 caliber, but is .357 caliber. After shooting them, it is a good idea to scrub the chamber well, as the shorter .38 Special may build up a ring of fouling that will make chambering .357 cartridges difficult (until it is cleaned). .38 Special is basically a .357 Short. This does NOT apply to other .38 ammo, such as .38 Super, .38 S&W, etc.

38 special ammo versus 357?

case length is the main criteria. If the 357 is loaded and placed in the 38 special it will extend beyond the cylinder. But the 38 special can be used in the 357 with no problems.

What is the difference between a 38 and a 357 handgun?

Assuming you're talking about a .38 special and a .357 magnum, the difference is, the .357 magnum has a slightly longer chamber. The two cartridges (commonly, but incorrectly called "bullets") are the same diameter, but the .357 is slightly longer, and normally produces higher pressure and velocities when fired.You can fire a .38 special in a gun chambered for .357, but cannot fire a .357 in a gun chambered for .38 special.

Can a revovler that takes a 38 special cartridge also shoot a 357 magnum cartridge?

NO,NO,NO,NO, CANNOT shoot the 357 cartridge in a 38 special, but you can shoot a 38 special cartridge in a 357 pistol.................the 38 cal. cylinder was not made to house the 357 cartridge or take the pressure.............

Can you use 38 special ammo in a 357 sig 239 handgun?

No. 357 SIG and 357 Magnum are two very different cartridges. You can use .38 Special in a .357 magnum gun, but not 357 SIG Adding to the above, the compatibility of .38 Special and .357 Magnum applies only to revolvers. You cannot cycle .38 Special in a magazine fed .357 Magnum lever action or semi automatic.

Is a 357 mag a 38 caliber?

Well, yes and no. Both the .357 Magnum and the earlier .38 Special catridge both use a bullet that is .357 inches in diameter. The .38 Special in not a TRUE .38 caliber cartridge.

Will a 357 revolver shoot both 38 cal bullets and 38 special?

There are a dozen different cartridges with 38 in their name, and SOME are compatible with the .357 Magnum. A .357 will fire .38 Special, .38 Short Colt, .38 Long Colt- but NOT .38 S&W.

What is more powerful 357 magnum or 38 special?

.357, considerably.