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Another reason that boys may not be asking you out is that they see you as someone who is more of a permanent type woman and they don't want to go there. That is okay!! Keep your life interesting and you will be ready when the guys are ready for who you are. If you can, become a good friend to some guys and that will help, too. Check out the link for The Declaration of Undependence by Susan Dietz. ( I'm just an ordinary dad, but hopefully I can help. Keep your spirits up by continuing to be outgoing but sensible. I'm sure you've heard this before, and it is true: there is no need to rush into anything. Some of the guys who appear to be good lookers and are out there on the prowl usually won't make decent boyfriends. Also, there are those that would make excellent boyfriends, but are scared to death of rejection, due to the fierce competition out there. It may be easier just to keep playing Video Games, they may think. Please be patient, caring, alert, and never ever compromise your morals on the latest thing going out there. People will see the beautiful aura around you, and soon you'll have what you seek. Good luck. Lets date. Whats your number

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Q: Why is a 19-year-old woman told she is pretty and confident and intelligent by friends yet unable to attract a boyfriend?
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byy jus being yourself !

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Smile, and try to look confident and approachable without looking like you're trying to hard.

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a joke!!! tell this one to your friends why do men prefer intelligent women? They say opposites attract!

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