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If you properly block a YouTube user, they will not be able to see your channel or reply to your comments.

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Q: Why if i block someone on youtube they can still see my channel and reply to my commets?
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How do you block someone from your YouTube videos?

First you must click on the profile of which you want blocking, and then under were it says add as friend it says block user. You must click that link, and then click okay to confirm the process which will be done simultaneously to your next visit to your channel.

If you block someone on YouTube can they still send you private messages?


Can someone get their account deleted on YouTube if enough people block them?

I don't think so.

Can you ban someone from your YouTube channel?

Yes, Youtube has Community Guidelines. If you don't follow them you get a strike. If you get three strikes then your banned from Youtube. Youtube doesn't tell you when you get a strike unless you get three of them..

Why will someone block you but not delete you?

If you are referring to blocking on WikiAnswers, this leaves the possibility that a user may be unlocked in the future if they either have learned their lessen, or were blocked unjustly or accidentally. A block may also be set to expire after some time. If you are referring to blocking on other sites such as YouTube, ordinary users can block others from commenting on their channel and videos, but do not have the power to delete others' accounts, nor should they.

How do you make it so people cant subscribe to you on youtube?

You cannot disable this feature. If you don't want someone to subscribe to you, you can block them.

How do i invite someone on to be a friend?

To add a friend on YouTube, just go to the channel of user you want to add as friend and invite him/her by clicking "Add as friend". YouTube can disable adding friends when you reached the maximum invitation per day.

What to do when YouTube is block?

If YouTube is blocked, then you may use YouTube on your mobile phone or the YouTube Kids App. Some schools and parents may block the main YouTube website due to potentially offensive content.

You have been trolled by ethanrox619 on you tube he was rude to me when i made a comment on a zelda video he says hes 32 but he acts 12 what do i do about trolling?

If someone is trolling you on YouTube simply go to his channel or find one of his comments and click "block user" This will prevent him from sending you messages or commenting on you channel or videos. If he is trolling in response to a comment of yours, you might want to remove that comment. It is best not to reply to trolls.

How do you become friends with Fred on YouTube?

okay you go on his youtube channel and scroll down to a little box it has things like, block user, and send message. the one at the bottom of all that will say add to friens or somethin like that. click it and he'll most likely accept it!

Why is YouTube unavailable?

There are a few reasons. It is usually available though. They block there site from certain countries. Schools block youtube, as do public web access areas.

Where can you get music that youtube wont block or mute?