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If you don't get your next period, take a pregnancy test

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Q: Why have your nipples been sore for two to three weeks and this is not a usual side effect of you going to get your period?
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Can you get a false negative result from home pregnancy test?

heck yes you can. i just found out i am three months pregnant after taking three false negatives and then finally going to the doctor because i hasn't had my period for three months. and they told me i was pregnant. so yeah it i s possible. very much so.

What are the reasons for missing your period for over three months if your not pregnant Could depression be a side effect of missing your period for so long?

I have the same problem...only I just don't have my period. No depression, stress. I don't know whats wrong, but I suggest you talk to a doctor, I'm making an appointment soon. Other than that, I suppose it could be stress, which could be linked to I'm assuming stress/depression could be a Cause for missing your period for so long...but I'm not sure if it's a side effect. Try to relax I guess, eat and sleep well and try to find out if depression is the side effect or cause of your lack of mensturation. :]

What if you get your period early on birth control?

Normal side effect of starting birth control. It is common in the first three cycles. If it keeps occurring into the fourth cycle, or is troublesome to you at any time, contact your health care provider for advice.

Why would your period be late and your discharge be jelly-like?

From my experience when I was late with period and white or clear discharged I was pregnant all three times . the period never came .But it could also just mean you are late or not going to have a period this month it is normal to skip a month. Go see your GYN doctor..Good-luck *Another answer* If the discharge is brownish,it could wither be your period or pregnancy,so I would go and see a doctor to confirm what the problem is

What does it mean when your period start after going four year of not having a period?

While you should consult a gynecologist, this was what happened to me at first. I had three periods when I was nine, and then none until 11, and then they began steady at 12. It's not uncommon for young girls to have a period, then stop, then start again. Sometimes the body says, "Oh, whoops! We weren't supposed to start doing THAT yet."

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Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy three weeks before your period is due?

Yes, Sor nipples are a sign of pregnancy also if you have missed you period

Your nipples are sore and period is three days late had unprotected sex?

it's definitely possible, wait a week after you're missed period, then take a pregnancy test

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What causes sore nipples you are not pregnant and you cycle is not coming on nipples are always sore?

Your question doesn't really make complete sense, but if you are asking what causes sore nipples, other than pregnancy, then I have one answer. Sometimes, a week or two before my menstrual cycle, my nipples are very sore to the touch. If your cycle is not coming, it could be the result from stress. I remember being stressed so bad, my period was delayed a week and three days. So it's perfectly normal for your nipples to be sore, especially if it's close to your monthly.

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