Why guys love to sucking breasts?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because, when they're babies, what do they suck on for food and pleasure? The moms boobs.

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Q: Why guys love to sucking breasts?
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Why do guys like sucking on breasts?

cause it is SO SEXY and boobs are squishy

What do guys like to do with breasts?

sucking, squeezing, humping, cumming on them. and maybe drinking the lactation

Do guys like breast sucking?

Some guys do. Either they like fresh milk or it reminds them of the good ole carefree baby goo-goo ga-ga days.

Is breasts sucking can be bad for breasts?


Why do guys love your breasts?

Because guys don't have boobs, meaning that they will almost always like them.

Can woman's breasts get bigger after touching or sucking?


Do guys stare at girls breasts?

Yes. They all just love big boobs.

Does sucking breasts tickle?

well it can, its how u feel!

Why guys love breast so much?

They're soft & beautiful! Breasts, is the source of the just born mammal, so it is naturally the 1st choice of the newborn food source, not only guys love breasts, but girls also (female babies feed as well).

What is cock-sucking?

when you suck a guys penis other wise known as a blow job. most girls enjoy it but more guys love doing it rather then getting it done on them.

If you have small boobs will a guy still like you for who you really are?

Most definitely. us guys love breasts of all sizes. The size of breasts has nothing to do with how nice they look.

Do boys like to do things with breasts?

If they are not gay, yes. Even some gay guys like to play with breasts. Boobs are so much fun anyone can enjoy them. If they are of age, of course. The funnest things to do with boobs are, t***y f***ing, or sucking on them.