Why gui gui leaves hey girls?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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because ghost's contract is already expired.

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Q: Why gui gui leaves hey girls?
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What group was Gui Gui a part of?

Gui Gui is a popular Asian singer. She was part of a girl band titled Hey Girl which was founded through a reality show competition. Many girls auditioned, and in the end, nine members were chosen.

Did wang zi likes gui gui?

He used to like Gui Gui when they were in the same drama. But I don't think he likes her now because they're not planning anymore drama now. Also they're not allow to date because of their contract. That's why Gui Gui left Hey Girl.

What is guilun?

the fans of gui gui(hey girl) and ya lun(fahrenheit) made up the name when they was filming pi li mit and momo love (which is just coming out!!!)

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Who is guying?

gui gui is a member of hey girl.she has filmed 2 dramas with aaron yan. one is called pi li mit the other is called momo love that`s just caming out!!!! she's also in Brown Sugar Machiato, and had a cameo in Legend of Brown Sugar chivalries. out of all the Hey Girls, she is the most popular. sited from the class numbering on their official site. she has been number 1 for the past three years.

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How old is GUI GUI?

Gui Gui is born on August 11 1989