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some women might think pantyhose are for old ladys...personaly I think so

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Q: Why dont Women like to wear Pantyhose anymore even though most Men like Women to wear them?
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Why don't American women wear pantyhose any more?

Pantyhose were invented in America during the mid 1950s. They soon replaced garters and stockings and became the new staple for women throughout the rest of the 20th century. During the 1990s pantyhose sales began to wane. By the early 2000s, bare legs became the new look. Pantyhose began to be viewed as antiquated. The other factor that led to the decline of pantyhose was the new dress standards at work. Women could now wear pants and in many cases pants were more practical. Another factor for the decline of pantyhose was the rise of leggings. Leggings began to replace both pantyhose and tights. Leggings were also thicker and crossed over into being worn alone as pants. Today most women will simply wear leggings Instead. Most younger generations in America today view pantyhose as an antiquated style thar their mothers or grandmothers wore. They were a requirement before women were allowed to wear pants and before women could wear leggings as standalone bottoms.

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Because they feel sexy and silky. If your a guy wearing womens pantyhose for the first time you will get an instant erection. I stated wearing pantyhose at the age of 13. I got so erected it felt like it was about to explode. I am a pre-teen boy who loves womens panty hose the just feel very sexy on my pretty legs. I have pantyhose fetish. I wear the L,eggs sheer energy waisteband free pantyhose. They are black. I also get erections by caressing my legs and rubbing them against each other. I love sleeping in them. I dont get anymore erections. Wearing pantyhose feels like you have nothing on you legs. I always sleep with black pantyhose because i feel more sexually ecited in them. I never got caught wearing my pantyhose. I secretly by them online. I will never get caught in them. I always wear pantyhose and a shirt when im alone in the house. I sometimes dont even know that i am wearing pantyhose to bed. I usually find out when i get up to go pee pee.

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If you are male, you shouldn’t be wearing pantyhose. Pantyhose are a female garment to be worn with skirts or dresses. The current social preference is women wear tights in society. Men should stick to pants or shorts.

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