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maybe its not the right person your kissing

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There could be multiple reasons why you don't feel anything when you kiss, such as lack of emotional connection, different kissing styles or preferences, or personal apprehensions or distractions. It's important to communicate and explore your feelings with your partner to understand what might be causing the lack of sensation.

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Q: Why don't I feel anything when I kiss?
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If i dont like some one but they dared me to kiss him and maybe he'll ask me to kiss him again and i dont what to what i do?

If they dared you to kiss him, then do it if you want. If you dont feel comfortable with that dare because you don't like him then don't do it. You dont have to do anything you dont want to. If you choose to do the dare then you dont have to kiss him again. Explain it was a dare and you do not have any feelings for him in that way and he will understand :)

Is it wrong to kiss and not feel anything?

If you don't love him or her you don't feel anything.

How and when do you kiss a girl?

Dont purse your lips too much but be soft and gentle, dont grab her lip but carefully kiss her upper or lower lip. Realese when you feel it is right, dont try to pressure her into anything but look into her eyes and if she is staring back start to lean in and turn your head slightly to one side she will follow, the best time to kiss her is when you both feel comfortable an the time is right (romantic?)

What does it mean when she asks if you felt anything during the kiss?

She asking if you felt sparks flying or if you didn't feel anything in the kiss

What can you say after you kiss a boy with out being lame?

dont say anything

Should you kiss at the movies?

don't kiss on your first date, don't kiss if you dont feel a good conection, don't kiss if you havent kissed out-of-the-movies before

How do you tell a boy loves you and is going to kiss you?

i dont wanna do that so i think you should kiss him back if you like him but if you dont like him dont make the moment awkerd just say that " i dont really wanna kiss you" or while hes trying to kiss just say" what are you doing" you may make him feel embarresed but no one want to kiss boys they dont like

How can you tell a regular kiss from a passionate kiss?

A regular kiss is something that you do and you don't feel anything special about it, but if it is passionate, then it is something different than what the regular kiss is, and you feel something special and it's just more intense.

This guy wants you to kiss him but you dont feel right doing that so what should you do?

If it doesnt feel right, then don't do it. Dont force yourself to show him emotion if that's not really how you feel.

Do rabbits use their whiskers for anything?

to feel with

Can 14-year-olds French kiss?

it really depends...if you mean about tweens than probably yes...

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